Beautiful relaxing music for pure calm β€’ Sleep, joy, dreams, relaxation, meditation, study

Beautiful relaxing music with gentle delta waves for pure calm, anxiety relief and deep sleep. This heavenly sleepy music is ideal to aid with study, sleep insomnia and stress relief. Healing music for perfect relaxation, sleep and anxiety relief. Enjoy our original calming, deep sleep, relaxing stress relief music (Freecalm) by Sleep Easy Relax. Our music it is also ideal for deep sleep meditation therapy, calm music, sleeping music, relaxing music, sleep music, study music, natural calm, Zen, Spa, Meditation, insomniac, Lucid Dreams, calming Music, Chill Music, stidy, simply hypnotic, Ambient Music, Holistic Healing, Christian Songs, Sound Bath, quarantine, Healing hands, Yoga or Massage. New original music videos uploaded every week! 🌿😌


By Sleep Easy Relax - Keith Smith

Leave Stress behind and find Peaceful Relaxation. We produce high quality, Original Calming Music for Relaxation, Sleep and Peaceful Meditation. It is my hope that these compositions will help you to relax and to help to free you from stress and anxiety. I am passionate about composing the highest quality, original MUSIC for SLEEP, MEDITATION and POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY. I started this channel to help others like us who are dealing with Sleep problems, Anxiety as well as a range of other issues such as PTSD, Panic and Phobias. If you enjoy our meditations and music, please consider purchasing our tracks on itunes at SLEEP EZY TONIGHT on itunes. Our tracks are ideal for all sleep issues & meditative practices including, Yoga, Pilates, Zen and Meditation. Furthermore, we aim to provide music that will reduce the stress and worries that our minds face every day. Please Note: Our meditations, affirmations are never to take the place of professional medical advice. Peace to you. Keith

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