Fuego eruption sends boiling rock flying almost two miles

... Guatemala volcano: , forcing 4,000 residents to flee

Thousands of residents have fled Guatemala‘s Fuego volcano (Volcano of Fire), which sent boiling lava and ash flying almost two miles from its summit.

Guatemala’s volcanology unit said explosions from the 12,300-foot high mountain shook homes with “constant sounds similar to a train”, terrorising communities still recovering after an eruption earlier this year killed 194 people.

Incandescent material burst as high as 1,000 metres above the crater and rivers of pyroclastic material flowed down the mountain’s slopes.

Meanwhile, a column of ash rose nearly 23,000 feet before drifting eastwards towards Guatemala City.

Some 4,000 residents heeded the request by authorities to evacuate, piling into yellow school buses for trips to shelters.

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By Harriet Agerholm


Harriet Agerholm is a news reporter and also The Independent's Grenfell Correspondent

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