Endless hot water without electricity!


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I built a water heater out of used parts and used a Stovetec Rocket stove to start the thermo siphoning process.

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By Engineer755

Engineer775 is a channel covering a variety of topics from Homesteading to Renewable Energy, from Water pumping to Hydronics, from Gasification to Air Conditioning.

My ultimate goal is to be completely self sufficient through the wise use of the resources that exist on any small farm. We hope to continue to share ideas on a constant quest to figure things out and help as many people as possible.

Owner of Practical Preppers LLC


Engineer? Yes 1992 Graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute B.S. M.Eng Mechanical Engineering specializing in Robotics and mechanism design.


Worked as a Product Development Engineer for Michelin Tire Corporation.


(Source: youtube.com; September 27, 2012; https://youtu.be/5IRLVCJ1olA)
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