DIY dome homes built from AirCrete are an affordable and; eco-friendly option

Affordable housing is making a comeback, in a big way. And if you’re the do-it-yourself type, have we got the thing for you: AirCrete! Kind to Mother Earth, and kind to your construction people too, AirCrete is the foamy, airy, eco-friendly concrete alternative that you’ve been dreaming of. With incredible alternative building supplies like these coming to market, there is virtually no need to cut down more trees. We love that. But really this isn’t an ad for AirCrete. It’s a chance for you to oooh and ahhh at all the magic you can make with it!

Conservation Is Key

Hajar Gibran is the founder of Domegaia. According to their website, the Domegaia mission is “… to provide Earthlings everywhere with tools, trainings, and designs for building eco-elegant, high-quality, low-cost AirCrete structures.” (1)

If you’re a lover of philosophy and poetry, Hajar’s last name may ring a bell. He happens to be the great-nephew of Kahlil Gibran, famous Lebanese-American writer, poet, and visual artist. (2) So, in many respects it’s not all that surprising Hajar has found himself working creatively, it’s stitched right into his genes! He discovered AirCrete several years ago while researching building materials for a healing center he was building in Thailand. With the help of his crew, they were able to build the first dome home from AirCrete for less than $9,000.

With that creative flair of his, and the desire to do something meaningful where conservation is concerned, Hajar began. The job, as he saw it, was to make the tools to work with AirCrete, the plans to build with it, and AirCrete itself, accessible to all. With his own first build, one of the barriers to easy success was the expensive and specialized equipment. So he created foamers, mixers, and benders… the tools of the trade, for his special brand of DIY dome home. A new business and a worthwhile legacy were born.

We’re In This Together

With housing costs skyrocketing all over the world, many people are turning to alternatives like building their own home. As the state of our climate crisis becomes so much clearer, it is important to leave as light of an imprint on the environment as possible. What Hajar and Domegaia have done, is marry the housing dilemma with the environmentally-friendly solution, adding a liberal amount of gorgeous style and functionality. Be sure to visit the Domegaia gallery on their website, but only when you have a lot of time! (3) You’re going to end up in a colorful internet rabbit hole of organic shapes and ideas that will make your head spin. We already checked.

But wait, there’s more! If you are seriously diving into the land of the dome home, Hajar offers support with workshops and building plans too. This way everyone who wants to build with AirCrete can do so with 100% confidence at any stage of their project.

These days, the news regarding the state of our environment is not always the greatest. It’s easy to become disheartened. But there are some real leaders out there, offering solid inspiration. In the case of Hajar Gibran and Domegaia, it’s more than just inspiration. It’s tools and support to make the changes you want for your life, and with a ton of style too.


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By Emily Murray

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