Vitalite crystal (polished)

One of the very exciting New Zealand stones discovered last year is Vitalite. These stones are composed of perfectly deposited thin layers of white Quartz, red Piemontite and black Biotite.

They also contain tiny Muscovite crystals which sometimes make the stones glitter all over. The felt sense we had when handling these stones was of a strong and very healthy-feeling enhancement of our overall energy level, as if we were plugged into the Earth’s reservoir of Life Force.

Keys: Life Force, replenishment, joy, well-being, love, courage, emotional cleansing, generosity, creativity, spiritual awakening
Chakras: Heart (4th) Third Eye (6th) Crown (7th)

When one holds this stone to the heart, it is easy to feel its flow of refreshing, revitalizing currents. Vitalite stimulates one's overall sense of well-being, helping to alleviate stress, anxiety, irritability, and depression. As one feels one's body and energy field becoming enlivened, one's mood lightens and one is ready to face the world again. It stimulates courage and love, and can kindle the spiritual experience known as the Ascension of the Heart.

 “Vitalite is named for its strongest energetic influence—the replenishment of one’s life force and energy through the infusion of prana. When one holds this stone to the heart, it is easy to feel the flow of refreshing, revitalizing currents through one’s body and energy field. Vitalite stimulates one’s overall sense of well being, helping to alleviate stress, anxiety, irritability and/or depression. As one feels one’s body and energy field becoming enlivened, one’s mood lightens and one is ready to face the world again.

    “Vitalite enters one’s field most readily through the heart chakra. It stimulates courage and love—two of the heart’s main virtues. As the energy continues to flow, one may notice that there is a pattern of circulation, whereby the currents brought in by the stone are actually coming up from the Earth, moving through one’s body and vibrational field, going out the top of one’s head and back down to Earth. The shape of this field is like that of a torus—a sort of circular fountain coming upwards at the center (one’s body core) and flowing outward and down in all directions before coming up into the center again. This stone teaches that life force is not something one hangs on to, but is a current that flows best when released. This lesson pervades the nature of Vitalite.

    “As Vitalite’s replenishing flow establishes itself while one holds a piece of the stone, one may notice a number of phenomena. The third eye and crown chakras often become highly activated because of the strong energies going through them. This sensation is highly agreeable, and it can become stronger and stronger. The feeling that comes with this is one of intensely joyful emotion.

It feels as if one’s heart has risen and filled one’s head with pleasure, love and happiness. This sensation marks the first stage of the Ascension of the Heart, a gift of grace stimulated by these stones. With continued practice utilizing Vitalite, this heart-to-head current can become a permanent pattern in one’s field, making joy an everyday way of being.

    “As a stone of spiritual healing, Vitalite’s energies flow directly to the heart, bringing new vitality to the not only the heart, but to the circulatory system, lungs, liver and digestive system. The chi in this stone is so strong that it affects the entire body on the cellular level, encouraging a healthy flow of life force in every cell, organ and system. Vitalite speaks to the cellular consciousness, exhorting the cells to live, and to live in a flowing current of joy.

    “Emotionally, Vitalite is a cleansing influence. It can be a catalyst for emotional releases in the form of laughter, tears, or passionate expressions of love. It can dislodge repressed emotions, but its influence is so positive that the release rarely takes the form of anger. If one’s feelings are blocked because of past traumas—even those from past lives—Vitalite’s currents can clear the path for a healthier flow.
    “Vitalite is a stone of generosity. It gives of itself without hesitation and without limit, encouraging us to do the same. It is a stone of powerful creativity, stimulating one’s imagination and will so that one can receive inspiration and can carry one’s visions into manifestation. It is a stone of spiritual awakening, because its joyful, loving energy flow reminds us that we ourselves are part of the ever-moving river of life, and that we are as Divine as the Universe itself.

    “Vitalite harmonizes with Vortexite, Lilac Lepidolite, Piemontite, Crimson Cuprite, Petalite, Lithium Light, Aragonite, Rosophia and all forms of Azeztulite. It has a special affinity for Azumar, Healerite, Revelation Stone and Empowerite. Using it in combination with Kaurilite can tune Vitalite’s flow of life force toward the goal of enhanced longevity.”


By Doorways to Power Staff
(Source:; August 1, 2021;
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