NASA Telescope captures epic collision between DART probe and asteroid Dimorphos

 Video released by the ATLAS project shows the explosive impact 7 million miles from Earth.

Jackson Ryan

Our first up-close look at Dimorphos, captured by the DART probe's DRACO camera.


When NASA deliberately crashed its DART spacecraft into an asteroid Monday, the daring but doomed probe was sending back incredible images. But on impact, the screen faded to black. We couldn't see just how big of a dent that DART made.

Fortunately, many telescopes around the world were tracking the asteroid pair known as Didymos and Dimorphos. The ATLAS project, which takes advantage of telescopes across the world, grabbed a great video of the moment of impact, which occurred about 7 million miles from Earth.

You can see it below:

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(Source:; September 27, 2022;
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