NASA just revealed NEW solid state battery that defies physics!

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NASA is often associated with wasting billions of dollars on things that don’t have much value, but now that may change because NASA’s researchers are on their way to breaking the boundaries in solid-state battery technology for air mobility and electric flight applications. What is so special about this new solid-state battery? How is it going to revolutionize aviation, and how is the battery expected to perform? Join us today as we tell you everything about NASA’s new advanced solid-state battery and how it is going to contribute to the development of more sustainable electric aircraft. The lithium battery sector is constantly evolving, with real research every day into developing increasingly high-performance, innovative technologies which can guarantee greater range, power, and ever shorter charging times. Solid-state batteries are expected to be the next advance in batteries because they require less built-in safety technology than liquid electrolytes, which are flammable. As a result, solid-state batteries are more compact, have longer battery life, and recharge more quickly. Although the technology has been around for years, solid-state batteries have been incredibly expensive to produce, even though the components are easier to put together. However, research and development in the 2010s continued to lower prices, and solid-state batteries are now expected to power electric cars and even electric planes


(Source:; November 28, 2022;
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