Free energy - is Nigel Cheese Cooper Hands the next Tesla?

Nigel Cheese Cooper Hands - The Curious Case of (Free Energy - The Next Tesla?)


Nigel Cheese Cooper Hands - This Magnet Rabbit Hole went from 10 to 100 and got a lot deeper real quick!

A few months ago I started my.... magnet research road to perpetual motion - as I've been calling it. A dive into an old hobby, and a close tie to my truther paths current crossroads as I want to real-life-experiment more now, and read/absorb less. To try to get closer to the truth of our realm, my world, your world, and its wonders.

I came across Nigel without having clue what I was about to find, and he seems to be quite the fascinating person, with quite a crazy history and life timeline.

Although reluctant to reach out to talk directly, I’ve been bugging him to do an interview with me, and if it can’t happen it’s ok but I do want to show and tell his story more, and show him some love.

My channel is starting to get to a respectable size and if I can help people with it when it feels right then I will. If this video ends up making any money I’m going to be giving it to Nigel, if we do end up setting up a gofundme or he gets a paypal you guys can help too.

Since posting the last video, it has bubbled up and started making its rounds, and I’m sure he’s getting both wanted and unwanted attention from this so please just show him some love vs anything else as I’m sure this follow up video may also add a lot of new attention to him as well.

Ok – here are all the fun links for you guys to explore: Nigel C official video that made make this one:

Link to conversation at GodLikeProductions:

Links to Nigels Channels or channels his content go to:

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Alt Channel:

Marcia Ramalho – The Blue: Facebook group – amazing reads:

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