China’s humanoid robot factories to go online in 2025, HALF of human labor force to be eliminated

The year 2030 is shaping up to be the endgame year for a multitude of major globalist projects, which include humanoid robots that will replace much of the human labor force, both blue-collar and white-collar.

Communist China says it plans to begin unleashing its own humanoid robots, one of which is called GR-1, as soon as 2025. GR-1 will supposedly be so advanced as to render many human workers obsolete – you can see a picture of the GR-1 concept at

An English translation of a Chinese article about humanoid robots explains how they will come integrated with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), high-end manufacturing and new materials. They are expected to become disruptive products similar to computers, smartphones and new energy vehicles when these were all first released.

China's humanoid robots will "profoundly change human production and lifestyle and reshape the world," the article claims, adding that humanoid robot technology is advancing so fast that it is expected to become a new highland for technological competition; a new track for future industries; and a new engine for economic development.

What about all the billions of human workers, though? If humanoid robots really become real and make them obsolete, then this will help fulfill the globalist depopulation agenda.

"There is a global depopulation agenda underway," explains Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, in the episode below of "The Health Ranger Report."

"This depopulation agenda has been rushed, and it is being rushed – this is why they had to release the vaccine bioweapons, and now they're working on World War III as a means of depopulation and they're doing geoengineering and chemtrails and increasing pesticide exposure and causing infertility through lots of different means including soy products, atrazine, in the water, in the foods, all kinds of things to stop births – because the advancements in AI have taken the globalists by surprise. They cannot believe how quickly AI has progressed to where it can now take over human processes including not just writing and not just generating art, but behavior processing, patterns of physical behavior to take over human labor."

Xi Jinping behind humanoid robot concept for a "new era"

As with most futuristic technologies such as this, humanoid robots are already being sold to the public under the guise of them helping to improve the economy and make the world a more livable place. How can this be true, though, if billions of people have to die in order for humanoid robots to take their place?

Microsoft is working on a project that will create humanoid robots to replace white-collar jobs, while communist China is working on humanoid robots to replace blue-collar workers. No human workers are safe from humanoid robots, in other words.

"The blue-collar labor jobs are going to be taken over to such an extent that the globalists have realized the only way they maintain control is to cull billions of human beings who are otherwise going to be unemployed and probably rioting," Adams says.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is reportedly behind the humanoid robot technology, guiding it through his "Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era." This doctrine was fully implemented by the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

By the year 2025, China will have successfully created humanoid robots that contain things like a "brain, cerebellum and limbs." Such robots bearing these characteristics will be ready for mass production by then, after which they will flood the world to full saturation by the year 2030.

By the year 2027, the technological innovation and capabilities of humanoid robots will advance even further. This same year is when China expects to create a safe and reliable industrial supply chain system along with an internationally competitive industrial ecosystem to accommodate the robots.

One area of the technology that China will devote much of its time to gradually improving is the "brain" component of the robots. These will be based on AI with programming aimed at enhancing environmental perception, behavioral control and human-computer interaction.

The "limb" technology component of the robots will borrow from existing robotic technology foundations, including the "robotic limbs" used in surgical settings. As the technology advances, the movement of these robotic limbs will become more lifelike.

The "machine body" part of the robots will contain things like lightweight "bones," high-strength body structure, high-precision sensing and long-lasting, highly efficient energy management technologies.

There are lesser talked-about potential functions for humanoid robots that are much more dystopian, including their possible use as law enforcement officers or government officials. There are even worries that humanoid robots might be used as "terminator" robots to blow up targets.

"These robots will be put in the most dangerous situations and be given the most dangerous tasks," Adams says.

"And they will be very efficient as terminators. For humanity to survive, we're going to have to learn how to kill the robots, and we're going to be at war with these robots sooner or later because these robots will follow commands without discernment."

One thing to remember is that no matter how advanced humanoid robots become, they will never, at least as far as existing technology allows, have the true ability to reason or process things in the same way as the human brain. This means they will still be inadequate, and humans will still be preferable for performing tasks, especially those that require careful thought and consideration.

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By Ethan A Huff / Staff Writer for Natural News

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