Can free energy and native America save humanity now?

Geoengineering: The Greatest Threat To Humanity shows that Dane Wigington is the lead researcher of Geoengineering Watch and the author of Geoengineering a Chronicle of Indictment. He warns about the geoengineers in the video THEY ARE MANUFACTURING EXTINCTION!!, “We are going to hit the wall. We have a very limited time scale left with the planet’s failing life-support systems and climate engineering fueling that process.”

Can Free Energy Buy Humanity Time Now?

Did Nikola Tesla Leave Us a Key to Free Energy? shows that Nikola Tesla, the legendary inventor of the 20th century, wanted to give the world free energy but was stopped financier JP Morgan.

Maxwell Chikumbutso’s Game-Changing Free Energy Devices! explains that when Foster Gamble and Kimberly Carter Gamble released the 2011 documentary Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?, it became one of the most widely seen films. The Gambles created the Thrive Movement with its 13 Sectors to help people around the world develop solutions to their problems. In 2020, they released Thrive II: This Is What It Takes to share the answers to the questions they raised a decade ago.

Zim innovator breaks into global hi–tech commercial sector says:

Chikumbutso designed four major world-changing innovations — a green power generating machine, a helicopter, an electric car and drone using rudimentary materials sourced from the capital’s popular Siyaso market in a “Eureka” moment that could have revolutionised the country’s energy and transportation system… He has over the years attracted international attention for his innovations….

“We have built a house in Madokero, Harare, Zimbabwe, that fully runs on GPM. Amazingly, everything in the house runs on free energy! This technology violates thermodynamics laws. The stage we have now reached is a culmination of work that has been ongoing since 2003. We have finally made it! Saith Holdings is going to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange!”

“The world is in need of clean energy. We are inundated with orders coming from all parts of the world. We have received orders and inquiries from as far afield as Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, DRC, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, to India, USA, Russia, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and UAE, just to mention a few.”

Chikumbutso is dreaming big and wants to build Saith Technologies into a billion-dollar concern that distributes electric cars, helicopters, telecoms solutions, security and surveillance, UAVs, traffic safety and lightning products as well as MSED Powered home lights.

Zimbabwe: Maxwell Sangulani develops unique drone

The Future of Our Planet Is In Our Hands

Maxwell Chikumbutso – New Nikola Tesla of the 21st century says,

Our world has discovered the greatest genius in the field of electrical energy since the days of Nikola Tesla. It’s Mr. Maxwell Sangulani Chikumbutso from Zimbabwe. Maxwell’s technology breaks some physical laws in the form of their current knowledge. It is time to open our eyes and move towards clean, green, decentralized electrical energy. This is the beginning of the new era, free energy is real. Many thanks to all the people who are helping Maxwell on his journey to help Zimbabwe, Africa, and the world. GOD BLESS YOU.

Zimbabwean inventor of environment friendly machines Maxwell Chikumbutso poisoned shows that Chikumbutso has received several life threats.

Five Reasons Societies Collapse

Why societies collapse | Jared Diamond 2003

Why do societies fail? With lessons from the Norse of Iron Age Greenland, deforested Easter Island and present-day Montana, Jared Diamond talks about the signs that collapse is near, and how — if we see it in time — we can prevent it.

Diamond says societies frequently collapse a few decades after they reach their peak in power. He lists five reasons societies collapse:

  1. Human Impact on the Environment: If people destroy their resource base through soil erosion, deforestation, pollution, etc.
  2. Climate Change: If the climate gets dramatically warmer, colder, drier, or wetter.
  3. Neighboring Friendly Societies: If friendly support is lost.
  4. Relations With Hostile Societies: If wars drain or cut off access to resources, etc.
  5. Political, Economic, Social Factors: If a society refuses to learn from other cultures.

Will We Correct Course In Time?

Diamond explains two reasons societies fail to see the coming collapse and continue to make bad decisions:

  1. Conflicts of Interest: There is a conflict between the short-term interests of the decision-making “elites” and the long-term interests of the society — especially if elites can insulate themselves from the consequences of their actions. Diamond says that conflict is acute in the United States today, especially with the business elite.
  2. Value System: There is a conflict between strongly-held values that are good in some circumstances, but are poor in other circumstances. He gives inflexible religious beliefs as an example and says, “It’s particularly difficult to change course when the things that get you in trouble are also the source of your strength.”

All of us know the ticking time bombs in the modern world, time bombs of water, soil, climate change, invasive species, the photo-synthetic ceiling, population problems, toxics, etc.). While none have fuses beyond 50 years, most have fuses of a few decades — any one of which can do us in.

Diamond explains there are a dozen things going wrong and we have to get them ALL right. He says, “Our course is a non-sustainable. The outcome is going to get resolved within a few decades”.

Diamond says that resolution will be in one of two ways:

  1. Voluntary: We will resolve these time fuses in ways of our choice by taking remedial actions.
  2. Forced: The time fuses will be resolved in unpleasant ways including war, disease, and starvation.

Diamond is optimistic because the problems facing the world today are not beyond our control. They are not like an asteroid headed for Earth that we can do nothing to avoid. Since all of the problems are of our own making, we can solve them. It just a question now of how many people will wake up in time.

The Original Instructions The West Forgot

Wigington Is sounding a much-needed urgent alarm. His documentary THE DIMMING, EXPOSING GLOBAL WEATHER WARFARE explains that the problem is capitalism’s expectation of endless growth on a finite planet that has led to the Sixth Mass Extinction which geoengineering is trying to cover up now.

In the 2008 video Indigenous Native American Prophecy, actor Floyd Red Crow Westerman said Native Americans were told they would see America come and go. He said, “In a sense, America is dying from within because they forgot the instructions on how to live on Earth”. He warned that people who do not know how to live spiritually on Earth likely will not make it.

The Original Instructions: Reflections of an Elder on the Teachings of the Elders, Adapting Ancient Wisdom to the Twenty-First Century is by Medicine Story and Manitonquat.

Amazon Description

Human beings have forgotten their instructions” That is how many of the Native elders responded to Manitonquat when he traveled the continent over forty years ago seeking answers to the questions “What is wrong with people? Why is there war, violence, oppression, greed, injustice, poverty, indifference and destruction of the environment?”

Sitting with and listening to many elders of First Nations from all parts of North America, he began to form a clearer idea of what they often called “the Original Instructions”. All of Creation is formed by them — what some refer to as Natural Law, Dharma, or Tao. In addition to what is hardwired in our living cells by DNA, human beings learn other instructions about living and relating through the teachings of the communities where they are raised. Those instructions for successful and happy relationships with families and communities and with all life, the Earth and the Cosmos, were passed down through the generations by elders of the indigenous peoples, who lived successfully and happily by them until they were invaded by newer cultures of domination, oppression and greed.

These elders are becoming more rare as fewer and fewer young people have access to their wisdom and more and more follow the destructive ways of the dominant culture in materialism and self-centeredness. Manitonquat, a Wampanoag elder now in his 80th year, is a direct link to the old ways of the people. In a culture of domination there is more violence, more fear, more isolation, and less love and happiness than in the old ways of all people at one time, ways of cooperation and equality, of respect and relatedness and thanksgiving.”

Manitonquat was told by the elders that since he had been taught the skills of communication in the university he was meant to bring their teachings to the world (as they said they were not Indian but Human Being teachings), to any who sought and wished for that knowledge.

Medicine Story

Manitonquat (Medicine Story in English) is a tribal elder and keeper of the lore of the Wampanoag Nation of Massachusetts (Assonet Band). Author of eleven books, he’s loved by thousands of readers; many of whom attend his personal appearances in 12 countries. He has been a featured speaker at peace conferences and universities on 3 continents; including as keynote speaker at the United Nations commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the death of Mahatma Ghandi.

Modern philosopher and traditional native counselor, he is one of our best living links to the indigenous wisdom of North America. His healing “medicine stories” encode ancient understanding about coping with life and relationships. As author and educator, he has helped people across two continents adapt that wisdom to problems of modern society. His poetry and performance bring it alive for all ages. And as roving consultant, he has spent decades fostering progressive new schools, communities, and social programs all over the world.

He has ridden on the leading edge, through all society’s amazing changes of this millennial era. Self-effacing and altruistic, he is one of the unsung movers and shakers of arts and ideas. An inspiring speaker and sparkling interview subject, he opens for us a vision of a healthier and more human society. A world which, he says, is already quietly under way.

The history of an oppressive system – Manitonquat (Medicine Story)

Why we need hope – Manitonquat (Medicine Story)

Circle Way

Changing the World is also available in paperback. To order a copy download the order form (pdf).

The book contains the Vision of A Circle Way Village as well as reprinted articles from the Talking Stick newsletter form 1993-2006 that helped to form the vision.

Healing Ourselves
Our Families,
Our Communities,
Our Earth

A Vision

For Achieving
Freedom, Peace, Happiness and Love
And a Truly Human Society

by Manitonquat (Medicine Story)

Introduction | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6
Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | Chapter 12 | Afterword

Have You Lost Your Tribe?

Have You Lost Your Tribe? – The Paradise on Earth Now Under Construction

Amazon Description

Paradise on earth – your own idea of the very best life for you and your family. Is it possible or only a dream? This book shows it is not only possible but actually happening now all over the world in communities where thousands are now actively engaged in creating the life of their dreams.

Manitonquat, a Wampanoag elder, storyteller, philosopher, poet, and communitarian, shares his perspective as a tribal person that we are all tribal people. Human beings became human when they came together for mutual support and protection. For a hundred thousand years, we evolved the best social system – the circle of equals, where all were respected, honored, and supported.

Most people today have little hope to affect a culture where a few own and control the resources of the world and its governments and are now destroying the environment through a global economy that makes the rich richer, the poor poorer, and all of us mere consumers and spectators.

Quietly a few people have begun to leave that system and create free societies of people supporting each other and living sustainably close to the Earth, taking responsibility for making the best life for their children. As you read this book, you may long for that too, and you will learn how you can do it. We can do it. Together there is nothing we cannot do. It is time. It is time for us to settle and find our place on this Earth. It is time to make a safe, free, and loving home for our children. It is time for a new world of compassion, peace, and beauty. It is time for a new vision of humankind. It is time for the Age of Flowers.

Manitonquat (Medicine Story) is an elder, storyteller, and retired ceremonial leader of the Assonet Wampanoag. A former editor of the native liberation journal Heritage and poetry editor of Akwesasne Notes, he is the author of nine subsequent books.  He was a co-founder of the Tribal Healing Council, a member of the North American Indian Spiritual Unity Movement, directs the Mettanokit Prison Circle programs in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and is advisor to The Nature School. A counselor and teacher of counseling, he lectures widely on justice, peace, the environment, conscious evolution and creating a truly human society.

He delivered the keynote speech at a United Nations gathering on non-violence honoring Mahatma Gandhi. Together with his wife, the Swedish actress and playwright Ellika Lindén, Manitonquat creates international family camps in many countries to give the experience of tribal living, working, playing, sharing everything, and taking care of the children and elders together. Their dream is to create an international Circle Way Village where human beings may safely raise their children together in peace, freedom, equality, cooperation, and love, caring for each other and our relatives that share this beautiful Mother Earth, thus fulfilling our Original Instructions. His newsletter, Talking Stick, can be found online at

Wampanoag Morning: Stories from the Land of the People of the First Light Before the English Invasion

Return to Creation

Manitonquat (Medicine Story)

Native American elder and New Age philosopher, Manitonquat (Medicine Story in English) is the author of numerous books, including The Circle Way: a new (very old) path to more human, more fulfilling relationships & communities. With his wife Ellika Linden, Manitonquat makes regular personal appearances at public events in the US and Europe: teaching workshops and leading public discussions.

Assonet Wampanoag elder, philosopher, storyteller, poet and lecturer.

Manitonquat (Medicine Story) is a storyteller, an elder and a keeper of the lore of the Assonet Band of the Wampanoag Nation of Massachusetts. Author of ten published books and a former columnist and poetry editor with the internationally acclaimed journal Akwesasne Notes, he has also edited Heritage, a journal of Native American liberation. He continues to develop tools for creating a more humane society based upon teachings of the elders of the First Nations and the explorations of his camps under the designation The Circle Way.

Manitonquat has spoken to peace conferences and groups on 3 continents, was the keynote speaker at the United Nations observance of the 50th anniversary of Gandhi’s assassination, directs prison programs for native spirituality, advises a nature school, and, with his wife Ellika, Circle Way workshops and annual international family camps in 10 European countries and the US.

Comments about Manitonquat from gkesedtanamoogk, Wampanoag elder and teacher of Native Studies at the University of Maine:

“The work that You have been engaged with over the many years—raising Communities in centered humanity–spirituality–is really at the Heart of the Sacred and the greater promise for the future. …maintaining a People’s History is both a fine art and an evocative response to the incoherence, tyranny, and cynicism of modernity.”

The Circle Way

Manitonquat – Circle Way Life

Manitonquat (Medicine Story) about the Circle Way Camps and building communities.

How to change everything with these 6 simple steps – Manitonquat (Medicine Story)

Manitonquat Circle Way

MANITONQUAT the essence of what’s going wrong

The basis of Manitonquats “The Circle Way” derives from the wisdom of native elders of North America. Their instructions to Manitonquat and to make their knowledge known to the world. That story and how it developed is explained in the books “Return to Creation and The Original Instructions by Manitonquat. In this Video he talks about topics of his new book The Joy of Caring for Children in the Circle Way.

How You Can Help Now

Wigington explains in his documentary THE DIMMING, EXPOSING GLOBAL WEATHER WARFARE that it is capitalism’s insatiable appetite for growth on a finite planet that is unsustainable. The documentary shows why “green energy” is not a viable solution and is exacerbating the problem. The film concludes: “Humankind is challenged, as it has never been challenged before, to prove its maturity and its mastery — not of nature, but of itself”.

Even people who have heard of the Sixth Mass Extinction may have no idea what’s causing the destruction of the planet because they have never heard of geoengineering. So, Wigington has spent decades informing people.

You can help turn the tide if you take the following five steps now:

  1. Expose Geoengineering: Warn people about the threat of geoengineering.
  2. Expose “Green Energy”: Explain why “Green Energy” is not a viable solution for the world’s energy needs.
  3. Demand Free Energy: Tell people to watch the 2021 film Thrive II: This Is What It Takes  by Foster and Kimberly Gamble which shows that Sangulani (Maxwell) Chikumbutso created four free energy devices. Free Energy can buy humanity time while we learn from Native America.
  4. Adopt Native America’s Ancient Proven Value System: Native Americans have maintained “The Original Instructions” on how to live on Earth. A growing number of Native American scientists, authors, lawyers, etc. are leading the world back to sanity. We just need to be wise enough to listen, learn, and follow now. My articles on Native America explain how the West got on the wrong track with the Garden of Eden story, the Foundational Story of the West, which alienated Europeans and Americans from the Earth. The 600 years of the brutal Inquisition enforced that worldview and compounded the alienation.The Foundational Story of the West is in stark contrast to Skywoman Falling, the Native American Foundational Story  which fosters collaboration with and responsibility for all of Earth for the next seven generations. This ancient proven value system is what made Native Americans a “keystone species” for thousands of years. Humanity is lucky that after 500 years of genocide, enough people in these powerful cultures have remained and are willing to help save humanity now. We just have to be wise enough to listen, learn, and follow.
  5. Share this article widely to help inform others.

My Articles About Native America

The ancient indigenous wisdom the West forgot which is essential now to guide us from the brink of destruction was held onto by Native Americans. They still practice the “Original Instructions” on how to live on Earth. So, they have been a “keystone species” for thousands of years — protecting the earth, water, plants, and animals for the next seven generations.

This worldview and connectedness to the Earth provides people with a sense of purpose, identity, and collaboration which can heal the existential loneliness that fueled the “Mass Formation” (psychosis) described in Mapping a New Geography of Hope With Native America  and Which Path Will You Choose in 2023?.  Belgian Professor Mattias Desmet, author of The Psychology of Totalitarianism said that loneliness fueled the tyranny of the COVID era.

My Articles About Native America in my Urban Gardens Revolutions site show that a growing number of Native Americans are helping guide humanity now. This series of articles will be updated periodically because there are so many Native American authors, professors, lawyers, scientists, etc. guiding the world back to sanity now.


By Neenah Payne

Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post and Natural Blaze

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