This cosmic egg reveals a shocking secret of Shiva

A giant egg shaped rock reveals a strange secret about Shiva. Did Lord Shiva physically come down from the sky and rule India? Was Thirumayam temple in South India chosen for such a landing, because of gravity? Is the lingam a spacecraft, out of which he came out?

Hey guys, imagine a giant rock like this, an egg shaped rock which is standing at a 10 feet height from the ground level. You cannot even touch it, and it looks shiny and smooth like an egg. What if I told you there is a secret chamber hidden inside this rock? It would be an insane theory, right? But this is exactly what happened a few centuries years ago. It looked just like this, and then, because of an earthquake, a stone door cracked and fell down. Only then, the locals realized that it had a chamber inside. The door was so well made and it was perfectly fit in the doorway, that nobody could even recognize it was a door. They had to put a ladder, now they have put this metal ladder, but I am sure at that time, they would have put a wooden ladder, and climbed up, and this is how they discovered this chamber. No one knows when this chamber was originally created, there are no inscriptions pointing to the origin of this chamber.

Now, before we analyze the exterior further, let’s go take a look at what is inside. There is only one thing inside today, a single lingam. It looks fascinating, a very nice cylinder sitting on a square pedestal. Who made this lingam, carried it, and placed it here? No one. See normally people put things together, and make them into a shape and then place it in a certain location. This is the positive construction technique. But this lingam was made with a negative construction technique. The lingam is carved out of the bedrock itself. Meaning that the lingam was not built, rather it was created as a left over by scooping the rocks around it. So, we could call it a negative lingam. I think that originally, there must have been other items inside, because there is no reason to hide and seal this chamber if it only had this lingam right? May be it had gold and diamonds, perhaps some advanced machines or devices. And you may ask: Why would they find some sophisticated devices here, right? How do you suppose they created such an advanced secret chamber that lay hidden for many centuries? Such a construction would be impossible without advanced technology.

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By Praveen Mohan / Explorer of Ancient Megalithic Sites

Praveen Mohan is an explorer of ancient megalithic sites and appeared on History Channel's Ancient Aliens TV show in September 2016. He has traveled to several countries documenting his findings on YouTube, and his videos have received tens of millions of views. His content has also appeared on TV shows, magazines and other media. Praveen has researched several historic mysteries including ancient Mounds in Ohio, Ellora Caves in India and Machu Picchu in Peru. He has also discovered Out of Place Artifacts which prove the existence of ancient European and even African presence in India.

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