Abortion: the Democrats' Gold Rush

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I could give you a huge bag of stories the media will now play up, ranging from:

Heroic migrants (aka cartel humpers) bringing Plan B abortion pills up through the border; to the secret crusader doctor in Texas who comes to homes in the middle of the night to perform abortions and gets savagely busted by the police and put on trial; to a pregnant woman who suddenly hemorrhages on a bus to New York; to a college sophomore who gives up her slacker life of drugs and partying and discovers her mission is running an “underground railroad” transporting women across state lines to clinics that legally abort fetuses…

The media are going to go wall to wall on this. Stories of heroes, tragic tales, the whole works. Real-life visceral propaganda.

Meanwhile, upstairs, in quiet conference rooms, Democrat planners are seeing clearly ABORTION IS THEIR ISSUE, and they’re rejoicing, because they glimpse a light at the end of the tunnel that empties out into the 2022 midterm elections and then the 2024 race for the White House.

They’re not depressed; quite the opposite. They’re popping champagne corks. They’re figuring out multiple campaigns, in the new wild and wooly landscape of America.

They were dead as a door nail, and now they’re not. They’re brimming with hope.

The Supremes handed the issue of issues to them on a platter.

“How many women can we mobilize to vote for Democrat candidates in the midterms?”

Huge numbers of Republicans are celebrating the Roe v. Wade overturn, unaware that it gives the Democrats exactly what they need.

The Republicans are congratulating each other about the moral and Constitutional rightness of the Court’s decision, the return to traditional values, and even the triumph of religion. The Democrats are leveraging the Court’s decision to score a WIN.

Forget all the Left leaders’ statements of outrage and high-sounding principle. That verbiage is instantly being transformed into grist for the mill of the next two elections on the horizon. A minute after Obama delivers one of his messages of sorrow, concern, and determination to the troops, he’s on the phone, a broad smile on his face, hustling strategy and tactics to colleagues who are building the abortion PR War Machine for victory.

The media are going to be all over the CHAOS. The patchwork quilt of state abortion laws. Can a state really ban a woman from traveling to another state for an abortion? Will California really cut relationships with states that ban abortion? Can online merchants sell abortion pills to women who live in states that ban abortion? Can parents in Alabama forcibly keep their 16-year-old daughter from traveling to NY for an abortion? Can dozens of district attorneys in states banning abortion get away with vowing not to prosecute doctors who perform them?

The purpose? To shove crazy chaos down the throats of Americans and make them decide that individual states making their own laws about abortion spawns too much insanity---and therefore we should never have abandoned UNIFORM regulation at the FEDERAL level.

Whereas, in truth, many Americans, trying to maintain some level of comfort in their cotton-candy make-believe bubbles, have forgotten a central fact of history:


It always has been.

At the origin of this Republic, the Founders and the Framers were rolling the dice on a huge bet: The American people, literate and deeply engaged, and always ready for a fight, would be willing to trade a physical war of mass killing for the war of competing ideas on the battlefield of politics.

The great game.


But now if you disturb normal Americans with an annoying feather, they get their panties in a twist and demand a return to placid and cow-eyed calm.

The individual States of the Union SHOULD BE COMPETING WITH EACH OTHER. There SHOULD BE conflict. And there should be real debates about basic ideas---not the moronic flow of political and corporate and techno speak that drowns the public square.

If New York can draw more residents than North Carolina because of its laws, so be it. If New York becomes nothing more than a drainpipe to Florida, New York can’t collect taxes and it withers away. So be it.

This isn’t “give me peace and let me be pacified at any cost.”

But the news wizards know that if they stir up enough confusion and conflict, there’s a good chance the average citizen will yearn for action at the federal level to “smooth things out.”

This is not the way to go. This is not the tactic to fall for.

The American mind and political reality have been hijacked.

Language has been subverted. Real ideas have been subverted. The original meaning of Constitutional politics has been squashed and buried.

Too many people have been de-fanged in the great game they should be most ready to fight and win.

It’s time to change all that. Because the game is never over.

-- Jon Rappoport

Jon also writes at NoMoreFakeNews.com and OutsideTheRealityMachine.com

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