WiFi radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) = bigger toxic nightmare

On March 14, 2018, University of Melbourne research revealed that 1 in 4 Americans report sensitivity to common chemicals such as inspect spray, paint, cleaning supplies, fragrances, and gas fumes.  Almost ½ of this group was also medically diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). 

Within the past decade, chemical sensitivity and diagnosed MCS has increased significantly with an estimated 55 million American adults who now have MCS. 

According to research posted at EHTrust.org, exposure to WiFi and other Electromagnetic Fields increases chemical sensitivity:

 …wireless and EMF radiation can synergistically increase the effect of these daily toxic exposures because of the ways in which wireless radiation alters the body’s natural functioning.”

Wireless radiation has been shown to damage sleep and the blood-brain barrier, which in turn can lead to higher toxic load on the body…

…research studies have found that a known carcinogen exposure in combination with wireless and EMF exposure leads to a significantly increased risk of cancer development.”

EHTrust.org highlighted several factors along with research to substantiate them:

  1. Wireless alters sleep architecture.
  2. Wireless radiation impairs the body’s ability to protect itself from toxic chemicalsby damaging the blood-brain barrier.
  3. Wireless has been shown to increase children’s symptoms of lead poisoning.
  4. Non-ionizing radiation is used as a medical treatment to deliver chemotherapy into the brain because of its ability to open up the blood-brain barrier.
  5. Early U.S. military research showed that wireless opened up the blood-brain barrier but was dismissed.
  6. Wireless acts synergistically with toxic exposures to significantly increase cancer risk.
  7. Additional research on other types of electromagnetic fields adds to the weight of evidence showing EMF can act as a tumor promoter.

In 2010, an NBCNews.com article reported that  1 in 3 Are Sensitive To WiFi and Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog) and 3% Are HyperSensitive.

Electrosensitivity has a long history and was originally named “Microwave Sickness” in the 1950s.  There is diagnostic testing available for Electrosensivity.

Many assume that WiFi is harmless even though there are decades of research that have determined it is not.  WiFi is used in public schools and medical facilities even though no “Safe” level of cell phone or WiFi radiation has been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women.

The Telecom Industry is promoting additional sources of wireless infrastructure, products, and devices anyway.

The Precautionary Principle is being ignored even by many environmentalists regarding sources of WiFi and Electrosmog such as automated vehicles, digital and wireless utility “Smart” Meterselectrical vehicles, and more.

Petsnatureand wildlife also suffer from exposure to WiFi and Electrosmog.

U.S. guidelines and regulations were written 20+ years ago.  They have never offered legal protection against biological or environmental harm caused by sources of WiFi and Electrosmog.

U.S. news stations have been reporting concerns.  Some media outlets have started referring to the Telecom Industry as “Big Wireless” and have compared them to “Big Tobacco” and “Big Oil.”

Regardless, current large-scale marketing campaigns for 5G technology“Smart Cities,”and other business efforts will increase sources of WiFi and Electrosmog.

This will continue unless more people try to stop this.  Same as it ever was.


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By BN Frank
(Source: ativistpost.com; May 14, 2018; https://tinyurl.com/y7mbw3wo)
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