Urgent: Australia Digital ID Bill - comment by October 27

This DIGITAL ID, is the 3rd phase, and It is about to be passed in the Australian Parliament.

Following are directions on how to send an objection to the government. 

If passed, you will pay for your grocery shopping with a QR code!

After this, phase four will be the social credit score system!


How to submit your notice of rejection to Australian Government


  • The Australian government wants to collect and use your biometric data.  See page 12 of this report: https://www.digitalidentity.gov.au/sites/default/files/2021-06/tdif-04a-functional-guidance-release-4-v1.2.pdf
  • If you do not object to this legislation, you are consenting to this legislation.   If you wish to object to this legislation, you have until 5pm EST 27 October 2021
  • To object to this legislation will take no more than 2 minutes.  The submission form is easy to fill out.  There are only three fields you need to fill in – Follow the instructions below:

1)    Go to website:  www.digitalidentity.gov.au

2)    Go to the top horizontal menu and click on “Have Your Say

3)    Scroll down to “Digital Identity legislation consultation phases”, and Select “Phase 3 – Now Open

4)    This will take you to the submission form page

5)    Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Go to the submission form” 

6)    Scroll down and you will see 7 questions.  The only required field is Question 3: “Your Email Address”.  You are not obliged to provide any other details in any other field except Q8.

7)    Question 7 asks if you are an individual or organization.  Select “Individual”, and question 8 will appear below.

8)    Question 8 is where you provide your feedback, in 1000 words or less.  You can say something really short, medium or longer.  Feel free to cut and paste any of them into the feedback field or compose something yourself. It can be as simple as “I do not approve of this legislation”.   Samples below:

·       I do not approve this legislation and you do not have my permission to enact it

·       I do not agree with this legislation in any way shape or form.  I reject your proposals/”options” in full, and I do not give any mandate to proceed with this legislation

·       I do not agree to, or endorse this DIGITAL IDENTITY LEGISLATION in any way shape or form.  I do not give my consent to have my ‘identity’ digitized nor digitalized in any way shape or form, as is proposed by this legislation.  I do not consent to having my private and confidential personal data centralised, and potentially made accessible “across the entire digital economy”, nor to any second or third party that may be included in that arena.  I unequivocally object to, and therefore reject this proposed “whole-of-economy solution” legislation.  Without Prejudice.  All Rights Reserved.

9)    Click on “Complete Form”, and you will be taken to a new page: “Your response has been recorded successfully”

10)  Now email us on [email protected] so we know how many people responde


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