Silenced, Censored & Ridiculed (The Media's Lies)

Over the past 6 months, we packed our bus & set off to bring to light the CENSORSHIP that has, and is going on around us, now more than ever.

We ventured up to Queensland, down to Victoria & through New South Wales to interview 5 individuals that have been SILENCED, CENSORED & RIDICULED by the media or Australian government in some way or another.

Each person we interviewed referred us to another ... and another ... resulting in this EPIC documentary - 18 unique stories sharing a similar thread - harsh, and often unjust censorship served upon them for simply speaking their truth.

This is a labour of love - we stand to gain nothing and have a single intention - to offer another perspective, another truth to what's happening in our world today. A fuller story, so to speak.

All you have to do is take the time to sit back & watch with an open mind & heart ❤

Back up link incase this film is deleted from youtube: bitchute

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By Dreaded Cheetah

Videography through Life, Movement, and Nature All videos filmed on: Pansonic Gh4 Film & Editor: Richie Miller (@thedreadedcheetah) Email: [email protected]

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