Revealed: breathalyzer test is “fake science” — What’s NOT fake today?

So much of what we are confronted with in the mainstream media and from government sources is fake. So much so, that the question should be: what is NOT fake?

Apparently, the science behind the much-touted breathalyzer used by police to nab drunk drivers ALSO can be added to the list of fakery.

Given how many people who have lost their licenses or even gone to prison, this is hugely important. Cases are being thrown out around the country.

The Last American Vagabond covers the details surrounding these devices that are marketed as precise and found in police departments around the U.S., but have now been determined to be up to 40% incorrect.

What else have we been told to accept as 100% indisputable evidence?

This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 11/6. Full Episode Can Be Seen here


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