Morning explosion in Manhattan terminal: police

New Yorkers hurrying to their morning commute shaken by an explosion in Manhattan bus terminal.

New York City police have confirmed that an explosion took place in the midtown Manhattan bus terminal early this morning.

At approximately 7:15 a.m., commuters were shaken by a blast in the Port Authority bus terminal at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue. Witnesses described the terrifying incident, telling local media, the tunnel smelled like a firecracker had been set off.

According to law enforcement, one person is in custody. The alleged attacker was armed and wired to what appeared to be an explosive device, local media reports say. He was apprehended shortly after the blast detonated en route to the N, Q, R trains.

Three separate subway lines have been evacuated, New York Police Department Sgt. Brendan Ryan told CNN. Authorities say several persons have been injured including the alleged bomber.

Police and emergency medical professionals are on the scene, and sources state the FBI has been notified.


(Source:; December 12, 2017;
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