Mainstream admits lockdowns and masking failed and made it all worse

 ‘Legacy of harm’: Study details ‘wide-ranging collateral damage’ of Covid lockdowns

Lockdowns likely caused “more harm than benefit” with “wide-ranging damage” that will be felt for years to come, a grim new study has found.

Frank Chung


Pandemic lockdowns likely caused “more harm than benefit” with “substantial and wide-ranging collateral damage” that will be felt for years to come, including millions of non-Covid excess deaths, a rise in child abuse and domestic violence, and trillions of dollars in economic losses, according to new research.

Dr Kevin Bardosh, an applied medical anthropologist from the University of Washington, conducted a “comprehensive” review of more than 600 research publications to evaluate the “global state of knowledge” on the adverse social impacts caused by lockdowns and other non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs).

“It looks like many original predictions of adverse effects are broadly supported by research data,” Australian National University infectious disease expert Professor Peter Collignon wrote on Twitter in response to Dr Bardosh’s paper.

A drive-through Covid testing centre in Brisbane. Picture: Liam Kidston


By Frank Chung / Finance Editor

Frank previously worked for media publication AdNews and has also written for The Canberra Times, The Courier-Mail, The Queensland Times and the Ipswich Advertiser. @franks_chung

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