Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt of Sophia Health Institute. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt of Sophia Health Institute.

German doctor links nano-aluminum, glyphosate and parasites

...  to chronic disease - develops healing protocol

Nano-Aluminum, Glyphosate, and the Life Saving Work of Parasites

The bodies of Americans are saturated with very high levels of nano-aluminum. This provides ideal conditions for severe parasite infestation. These burdens are making us a country of chronically ill and cognitively impaired people.

This is part two of a series on nanotechnology and its effect on human health.

In the first article, I provided an overview of the safety concerns associated with manmade nanotechnology, and identified nano-aluminum as a serious threat to our health. The lack of safety studies on most forms of nanotechnology makes it hard to assess and rank the long-term risks posed by the thousands of nanosized ingredients that are being used in food, cosmetics, consumer products, and industry/military applications. However, evidence is pointing to nano-aluminum as being an extremely dangerous nanotechnology.

The sickest people have the highest levels of nano-aluminum and parasites in their bodies, and when they are helped to detox their aluminum and control their parasites, they begin to heal from chronic illness. The presence of nano-aluminum goes hand-in-hand with the presence of parasites. Let’s start examining this relationship by looking at nano-aluminum.

The presence of nano-aluminum in our bodies cannot be measured through conventional lab tests. It requires sophisticated electron microscopic examination of samples, which strangely is not available in the United States. A doctor can’t just order a nano-aluminum test to check your status, because U.S. labs aren’t able or aren’t permitted to do this test.

The Source of Our Nano-Aluminum Exposure

As explained in the previous article, the primary source of our nano-aluminum contamination is the U.S. weather modification program. Mainstream media is encouraging us to believe that the spraying of nanoparticles of aluminum and other metals will retard global warming.

Evidence suggests that the spraying of nanoparticles in the upper atmosphere also creates a cloud of metal particles that is used by various military programs to reflect and direct high energy electromagnetic waves.

Aerial Spraying of Manmade Nanoparticles in the Upper Atmosphere 7 Days a Week 365 Days per Year

Nanoparticles of aluminum along with barium, strontium, and plastics are being intentionally sprayed at high altitude by jet aircraft as they fly over the United States.

The substances they spray slowly fall to the ground, which necessitates a program of constant spraying to keep a certain concentration of particles in the atmosphere.

Manmade Nanoparticles are in the Air We Breathe

These particles enter our lungs with every breath. They either get stuck in the respiratory system, or enter the blood through the alveolar sacs of the lungs.

Manmade Nanoparticles are in the Water that We and Our Animals Drink

These particles also fall into lakes and rivers and flow into municipal water supplies. Because of their tiny size they are not filtered out. Treatment of the water with chemicals to kill pathogens in the water does not remove nanoparticles.

Manmade Nanoparticles are in the Soil that Grows our Food

Nano-aluminum also falls on the ground where it becomes part of the soil. It can then be picked up by plants and incorporated into plant material that is eaten by humans and animals. This happens for both conventionally grown and organic food, because nanoparticles are constantly falling on all our farmland.

Manmade Nanoparticles are in Our Homes

Nano-aluminum accumulates in dust and enters our homes through windows and doors, and enters our automobiles as we travel. This contamination then can come into contact with our skin, nose, mouth, and mucous membranes of the eyes.

Manmade Nanoparticles in Vaccines

Nanoparticles of aluminum and numerous other nanosized contaminates are in most human vaccines. [8] The nano-aluminum in vaccines is an intentionally added adjuvant. However, the origin and health effects of the other nanoparticles are unknown.

When a vaccine is injected into the body, the nano-aluminum is able to bypass all of our natural defense systems. Some of it stays at the injection site, but some of it enters the blood stream where it can cross into the brain and disrupt neurological functioning. [8, 9]

Multiplying the Harm of Nano-Aluminum with Glyphosate Herbicide and Mercury

It doesn’t matter whether nano-aluminum is injected directly into tissues of the body during vaccinations, enters our lungs with the air we breathe, enters the digestive tract with the food we eat, or passes through the skin — the final result is the same – we become toxic.

The dangers of nano-aluminum are magnified in the presence of glyphosate and mercury in our bodies.

The herbicide glyphosate is found in most of the U.S. food supply including certified organic food, and it is in our bodies. [1] Glyphosate takes nano-aluminum deep into the tissues of our bodies where it stays stuck. Similarly, trace levels of mercury from vaccines, amalgam dental fillings, and certain foods create conditions in our bodies where the combined effects of nano-aluminum and mercury can lead to serious neurological damage. [2, 3, 4, 5]

The presence of aluminum interferes with the energy production system in the mitochondria of cells and weakens the immune system. It kills neurons and interferes with their functioning. [5] As nano-aluminum levels rise over time, chronic immune system disruption leads to weakness, disability, neurodegenerative diseases such as autism and Alzheimer’s, and sets the stage for heart disease and cancer.

Nanoparticles in Persistent Contrails: A Synergism between Aluminum and Glyphosate

Dr. Dietrich KlinghardtDr. Dietrich Klinghardt

According to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, the ingredients of the persistent contrail formula that is being sprayed in the upper atmosphere by jet aircraft contains nanoparticles of aluminum (in several forms) along with barium, strontium, mercury, plastics and various other ingredients. Even viable Lyme disease cysts and other biological substances have been found in the nanoparticle dust that is falling from the sky. [3]

Dr. Klinghardt has contributed significantly to the understanding of metal toxicity & its connection with chronic infections, chronic illness, & pain. He has been instrumental in advancing various fields within biological medicine [6], and regularly sees patients in the Sophia Health Institute located in Washington State and in his German clinic.

In Germany, his understanding of modern illness and his methods for assessing and treating modern chronic illnesses are being used by two thousand doctors. [3]

Dr. Klinghardt identifies two powerful factors that are destroying the health of Americans. They are environmental toxicity from the interaction of various toxic metals and glyphosate, and environmental exposure to electromagnetic frequency radiation from technology that uses microwaves.

Both factors are creating ideal conditions for parasite infestations. Microwave radiation from smart meters, cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, and cell towers were discussed in a recent series of articles from Health Impact News.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt stated:

It is important that you understand that when we inhale aluminum we have absolutely no biological barrier against it going into the brain.

If we eat aluminum from the frying pan, there is very little [exposure]. It does very little damage without glyphosate.

We could eat aluminum all day long and it would not make us toxic. … [However], the moment we inhale the smallest amount of aluminum [when there is glyphosate in our bodies] we get highly toxic. [3]

A Synergism between Aluminum and Mercury, Common Ingredients in Vaccines

Dr. Klinghardt stated:

… [We] struggled in the 90s to try and get mercury out of the vaccines. Yes, we succeeded for most of it — except for a few. The Hep-B and the Tetanus still have it.

For most vaccines, it has been removed at least to a degree and it has been replaced with aluminum hydroxide — aluminum compounds.

Dr. Klinghardt described the important research of Dr. Boyd, Haley, PhD. He stated:

He wanted to look at whether aluminum was dangerous. He put brain cells in a culture and after 24 hours they were pretty alive. If you bring mercury on board and expose the culture at clinically relevant amounts, then only about 35% of the cells were still alive after 24-hours – this is significant death.

When we look at aluminum we see that aluminum is really a lot better than mercury [in a vaccine].

However, when you put mercury and aluminum together, after 24 hours you have absolute death of everything to do with the brain.

If you vaccinate children, most of the vaccines still have traces of mercury, enough to fulfill the criteria [in this study], and if you add the Tetanus and the Hep-B [vaccines], you certainly get this [effect]. [3]

The implications of this research are stunning. This means that the HepB vaccine provides a baseline of mercury* starting on the first day after birth, so that when aluminum comes into the body during subsequent vaccinations or from simply breathing air, the aluminum can produce a strong negative effect on brain development and cognitive functioning.

A similar effect can occur when the infant receives glyphosate from his or her mother’s milk. [10, 11]

Are the synergies between nano-aluminum, glyphosate, and mercury dumbing down our children and bringing early cognitive decline to older Americans?

Are these synergies creating autism and Alzheimer’s?

How Can we be Sure We are Contaminated with Aluminum?

Dr. Klinghardt explains:

We now have over 120 cases and it is the same picture with everyone. Aluminum is approximately 100 times higher than the next highest metal. And nobody knew this, because we didn’t have a method to detect this. This is completely new knowledge.

My recommendation to moms [of autistic children] is that the focus has to shift to aluminum, and we do not have a single lab in the US to detect it.

So, you need to know that you are on your own with that. We can just assume that it is there. As long as you are breathing you are breathing in nanoparticles of aluminum.

Every kid, the healthy ones and the unhealthy ones, is loaded with aluminum. The unhealthy ones are the kids that can’t excrete it at all. And they need help. So, we just put every kid on our treatment [protocol] and the results are dramatic.

When we tested 8 and 9-year-old autistic kids [we found that] their level of aluminum was 300 to 400 times higher than the level of the next highest toxic metal. [3]

Nano-aluminum and other Metals are Absorbed by Parasites

Tapeworm headTapeworm head

Everyone Lives with Parasites

Most of us don’t like to think about the fact that nearly all of us have a heavy load of parasites in our bodies. We may have been comforted by the fact that lab tests for parasites in our feces were negative and we concluded that we were not infested. Others don’t worry about parasite tests, and just do a parasite cleanse once or twice a year with the assumption that this will take care of any problem.

Dr. Klinghardt discusses parasite detection:

Unfortunately, there are no reliable lab tests to rule out parasites, especially those that stray from the gut into the central nervous system.

Insiders estimate the detection rate to be less than 1%. So out of a hundred people who have parasites, [lab tests will show a positive result] in one.

Every parasitologist knows this, but they are not allowed to talk about it. As a clinician I have to say, there are way more people being made ill by parasites than the lab work can show right now. [3]

Parasites are Helping Us Live in a Polluted Environment

Everyone has parasites, because we live in a polluted world and the parasites are actually helping us survive by absorbing the toxins that have entered our bodies. [3]

Research clearly shows that the presence of parasites is an indication of toxicity whether it is in the external environment or in our bodies. [7]

Parasites Collect Heavy Metals from our Bodies

Schistosoma mansoni is an obligate endoparasite of human blood vessels.Schistosoma mansoni is an obligate endoparasite of human blood vessels.

Dr. Klinghardt reported the findings of studies that showed the ability of parasites to accumulate heavy metals. The studies compared levels of metals in the parasite to those found in their human host.

Researchers found that lead was 106 times higher in the parasite. Cadmium was 119 times higher. In another study, lead was 289 times higher in the worm than in the tissues of the host. [3]

Based on such findings, Dr. Klinghardt sees parasites as beneficial. He explains:

Parasites are not our enemy. They are an adaptation to an ever-increasing toxic environment. …

The reason almost all autistic children have a huge parasite burden is because it is the last effort of life itself to save these children, because the children have exhausted their detox mechanisms.

They can’t detox and the last effort they do is to grow parasites. [There is] a cost — the cost is the craziness. The parasites have to establish themselves against the immune system.

They have to secrete all sorts of immunosuppressive, immunomodulating substances, which unfortunately modulate behavior, thinking, brain development and neurological development. [3]

Once again, the implication of this analysis is stunning. Given that this is happening in autistic children, then what about adults?

What are the consequences of our high nano-aluminum levels and parasitic infestation? How much is our thinking and neurological activity being impaired by the presence of aluminum, mercury, glyphosate, and the toxins that parasites excrete into our bodies?

Are “senior moments” a sign of parasite infestation, rather than a sign of aging? Does parasite infestation prevent us from engaging in logical and analytical thinking, and making well-reasoned decisions?

Are autism, brain fog, and Alzheimer’s all examples of toxicity and parasitic infestation?

Man-made Toxic Chemical Soup Overload

Dr. Klinghardt describes the effect of manmade chemicals on modern chronic illness:

Chronic illness is basically a failure of containing the toxic soup. When the internal milieu becomes toxic, the immune system increasingly loses its ability to govern this area in appropriate ways, and this is where the pathogens grow.

Pathogens uniformly grow in areas that have been contaminated with manmade chemicals – not God made chemicals which we can deal with well. Manmade chemicals are the fertile ground upon which pathogens develop in our system.

Many of the parasitic worms can extract metals from you. They condense it into their bodies.

This has two effects. One effect is that you survive, you don’t die from the mercury toxicity [for example], but the other effect is that you have to live with the worm.

It’s a deal. It moves the parasite out of the definition of a parasite and it becomes a symbiotic creature that we all need right now for our survival. … Our own detox system plus parasites are giving us a fair chance of survival. [2]

Warning! Don’t Start by Making War on Parasites!

Dr. Klinghardt doesn’t usually start by killing parasites. He stated:

Parasites have always been part of our natural environment and they serve many roles in our system, and per se are not the enemy.

What I am proposing is this: Detoxification should be high up on the list in the treatment of every patient, with a focus no longer on mercury and lead, but on glyphosate and aluminum – those two always go together. That has to be number 1.

Number 2 we should never strive to get a parasite free body. We should strive to work with the immune system like a good gardener to contain the parasite load that we carry in us.

Parasites carry out tasks just like gut bacteria do. [We need] to find a compromise [between] not addressing parasites and over addressing parasites.

If a person has a chronic illness, then most likely the person has parasites as part of the cause of their illness – it’s really as simple as that. [12]

Dr. Klinghardt describes the order for treating pathogens:

In terms of treatment of any chronic illness we should always work in this sequence: First the parasites, then the mold, then the Lyme, then other bacterial causes, and then the viruses. [12]

Dr. Klinghardt describes parasite removal:

What is really important to know is that when you treat [parasites], you want to use strategies that get the parasite out as a whole with its metals in the coat, rather than killing it with a strategy that dissolves the parasites in the tissues where it is living, because this would release all the toxins back into your system. [2]

Steps for Removing Parasites

Dr. Klinghardt does use anti-parasitic drugs, but only at the end of the process. He starts with enema-based parasite treatment. When this is no longer productive, then he uses herbal treatments for 6 to 8 weeks. He then considers the protocol developed by Simon Yu, which involves medical anti-parasitic drugs. This would then be followed by more herbal treatment. [12]

Dr. Klinghardt expands on this information:

We know from research literature that once you have a parasite, it is impossible to ever get rid of most of them. … They go into a chronic persistent form where they actually become a part of your symbiotic environment and serve important functions in our system.

We need to find a compromise that is not focused solely on killing – killing – killing. It should be an intelligent containment — then most things used for treating chronic illness will be successful. [12]

Conclusion: Living a Lifestyle of Detoxification

Dr. Klinghardt will finish this article with some powerful advice. He stated:

As long as you are breathing, you are breathing in aluminum and barium dust.

As long as you are eating you get a good dose of glyphosate and other herbicides every day.

As long as you are eating fish you get mercury. …

So, if you want to live in this time, you have to live a life of detoxification, especially those of you that still want to have children….

If you already have Lyme or parasites…, then it is very important to address those issues relatively radically and strongly over a long period of time.

You need to detox, protect yourself from the electromagnetic environment, treat the fungal infections, the bacterial infections, the viral infections, and the parasitic infestations.

All of this you cannot do with medical drugs, because eventually the side effects are going to overcome you. It needs to be biological, plant-based, it needs to be through plant adaptogens, and through simple methods.

Additional Information

The following presentation about toxic metals, Lyme Disease, and parasites goes much deeper into the topics discussed in this article.

How Toxic Metals Promote Parasites — Wendy Myers interviews Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt:

*Note, since 1999-2000 mercury has officially been eliminated from the HepB vaccine but could still contain trace amounts in the manufacturing process.

For full references please use source link below.


By John P. Thomas

John P. Thomas is a health writer for Health Impact News. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan, and a Master of Science in Public Health (M.S.P.H.) from the School of Public Health, Department of Health Administration, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. John specializes in environmental health, but writes on a variety of issues.

(Source: healthimpactnews.com; September 20, 2017; http://tinyurl.com/yb987m5h)
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