Elon Musk questions COVID-19 testing after receiving opposite results on the same day

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    Elon Musk recently revealed he had completed four rounds of COVID-19 testing, tweeting that something "bogus" is going on because two of the tests came back false, and the other two came back positive.

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    Why is there so much conflicting information about COVID-19? Why are so many scientists and doctors providing information that contradicts government health authorities?

Elon Musk Questions COVID-19 Testing After Tests Gave Him Opposite Results On Same Day

Do we need even more confusion added to the table when it comes to COVID data and information? No, but we keep getting it, why? Is it possible we are not taking collective notice of what doesn’t add up with COVID? Is it possible we are not learning to communicate and come to a collective agreement on what’s happening because only one side of the story is being given airtime? Is it possible this current is also telling us something about our collective consciousness and current ways of thinking, but we simply aren’t taking the time to look?

When it comes to COVID-19, many people are concerned that the intentions and supposed ‘solutions’ of governments, politicians and big corporations are not in the publics’ best interest. Throughout this pandemic, we’ve seen a growing lack of trust in governments worldwide, and it calls into question whether people are truly represented by government, especially when many scientists and doctors are being censored, ridiculed, and completely ignored simply because they have different observations about COVID-19. All this, while we head towards, as the World Economic Forum deems it, “The Great Reset.”

What Happened: One issue with regards to COVID-19 that doesn’t seem to be getting the attention it deserves is the lack of consistency in testing methods. It is one of the top metrics used to quantify the severity of this pandemic, yet there seems to be ongoing issues with PCR testing. Elon Musk recently pointed out what he feels is greater proof of this problem in a tweet stating:

Something extremely bogus is going on. Was tested for covid four times today. Two tests came back negative, two came back positive. Same machine, same test, same nurse. Rapid antigen test from BD.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 13, 2020

The idea that Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing is inadequate to identify the COVID-19 virus within humans first came to my attention when the Bulgarian Pathology Association claimed that they are “scientifically meaningless.”  They cite an article published in “Off Guardian” that makes some very interesting points that have come from not only the scientists and doctors cited in that article, but many.

It’s been a common theme. Well after this, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab stated that:

“The false positive rate is very high, so only seven percent of tests will be successful in identifying those that actually have the virus.”

In July, professor Carl Heneghan, director for the centre of evidence-based medicine at Oxford University and outspoken critic of the current UK response to the pandemic, wrote a piece titled: “How many Covid diagnoses are false positives?” He has argued that due to a bit of a fluke involving some slightly complicated statistics, the proportion of positive tests that are false in the UK could be as high as 50%, this would correlate with Elon Musk’s recent experience.

Former scientific advisor at Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon argued the proportion of positive tests that are false is actually “around 90%”.

How declaring virus pandemics based on PCR tests can end in disaster was described by Gina Kolata in her 2007 New York Times article Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasn’t.

It’s been a common theme for quite some time, which is why many people are confused as to how a pandemic and so many millions of cases can be declared using such a faulty detecting method.

That being said, there are many claims that PCR testing is indeed accurate, According to Dr. Matthew Oughton, an infectious diseases specialist at the McGill University Health Centre and the Jewish General Hospital in Montrea stated:

”The rate of false positives with this particular test is quite low. In other words, if the test comes back saying positive, then believe it, it’s a real positive.”

A look around the internet will return so much conflicting evidence with regards to the PCR testing, lading people to feel unsure about what to believe, and tests like the ones Musk just went through don’t really help to bring trust to the current mainstream narrative. Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has dismissed imported coronavirus testing kits as faulty, saying the tests returned positive results on samples they took from a goat and a pawpaw, which of course shouldn’t be possible and doesn’t make much sense.

Not only has testing come into question, but deaths being attributed to COVID that aren’t actually a result of COVID, or where it’s unclear if COVID played a part, have also been listed as COVID deaths, causing many people to feel numbers are being inflated. So, there seems to be a good possibility that the number of deaths attributed to COVID may be far less than what we’ve been told, and there also seems to be a good possibility that the number of confirmed cases is also far less than we’ve been told.

These and many more reasons are why tens of thousands of doctors and scientists from around the world have been strongly opposing COVID lockdown measures, stating their belief that this ‘pandemic’ does not at all require the interventions that are being taken by the government.

The Takeaway: The world is divided on so many issues right now, and COVID, like the recent U.S. presidential race, is a prime example. What’s discouraging to see is people claiming those who can’t see their own perspective are incapable of reasoning, examining information and getting to any sort of truth. No matter how deep we are into our beliefs about what is going on, being able to empathize with another person and trying ourselves to understand why it is they feel the way they do is the only way forward and have an appropriate discussion as well as help others to view events from an alternative perspective.  Constantly creating awareness on issues your passionate about from a judgemental and rude place only reinforces our problems.

Beyond any solution to the world’s problems, the number one solution is a shift in consciousness. This means changing the way we see ourselves, others, our world, how our thoughts, emotions and feelings impact the world, how we feel within, all play a huge factor in manifesting the ‘reality’ we see take shape outside of ourselves.

There are a number of ways to go about doing this, and a number of factors that contribute to humanity having a shift in consciousness. Awareness of mind-matter interaction, for example, and non-material science that’s emerging that doesn’t fit within the accepted framework of our reality that causes us to question what we thought we knew, or through events like 9/11, and now COVID-19. Each plays its own part in shifting human consciousness, a process we are currently going through and have gone through during all stages of humanity.

Through all these factors humanity begins to recognize that our world is not what we’ve been made to believe it is, and a new way of perceiving our world begins to take place that changes the way we look at things from within, thus changing the world outside of ourselves.

We are creating this human experience. We are dictating what’s happening, almost like a holographic universe. This is important to recognize because any time we want, we can change this human experience to something that resonates with us all.

Ultimately, change does not come from solutions, it comes from the consciousness behind these solutions. For example, what does the human race do with the discovery of nuclear energy, or so called ‘free energy’? Do we turn it into something that can help us explore, generate clean energy, make developments that can benefit the collective? Or do we use it to profit off of and make weapons? Do we make it inaccessible to the majority while having it rest in the hands of the 1 %?  It’s the consciousness behind, in this example, the technology that determines our direction, not the technology itself. Solutions fail to become solutions when human greed, ego and malicious intention seek to capitalize on them.


By Arjun Walia

Senior writer & investigative journalist at The Pulse & Collective Evolution. I report on a variety of topics including UAP, science, consciousness & current events. To contact me: [email protected]

(Source: collective-evolution.com; November 13, 2020; https://tinyurl.com/y449wq76)
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