Dalai Lama Head of Sexually Abusive Cult of Tibetan Lamaism Dalai Lama Head of Sexually Abusive Cult of Tibetan Lamaism

Dalai Lama tantric sexual abuse cover-up continues

Steven Seagal accusers detail rape, sexual assault allegations against actor

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Updated: August, 2020

Steven Segal,   ‘recognized’ ( for money as usual)  by Penor Rinpoche as ‘high Lama”, has his sexual abuses totally covered-up by Hollywood and Corrupt Media. What they always do for their favorites promoting their “Leftist Green New Deal-Destroy Sovereign Nations “cause.

The late Penor Rinpoche was head of the Nyingma Lamaist sect of the “ancient ones”; the most primitive and occult of the lineages;  that pretends for naive and pretentious academics to be the “highest of Buddhist teachings”.  Penor also recognized Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche ( son of Trungpa Rinpoche-the Tibetan Lama who brought Mindfulness and Tibetan Buddhism to the West). With the Dalai Lama’s approval.

Sakyong, i.e. Osel Mukpo (from the Mukpo clan from Kham);  another egregious abuser, has been carrying on the Lamaist tradition. Increasing the sexual abuse and pedophilia inside his Shambhala International; the former Vajradhatu cult;  started by his coke-snorting, alcoholic, animal abusing and harem-keeping Dad,  whom the late Allen Ginsberg( a member of NAMBLA) and the drugged-out ’60s rock and roll crowd made a Saint. And, still do.

Hard to believe, but Rahm Emanuel and Eric Schneiderman did the same in Chicago and New York City, respectively. Promoted this egregious abuser and Tantric cult. Now those cities are chaotic and violent and one of them with sexual abuse allegations of his own. Tibetan Tantra, which these Lamas represent =Amoral Chaos.

Sakyong Mipham , Trungpa’s son,  took two more generations of American and European students for another Tibetan Lama abusive ride before hightailing  it to parts unknown.

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By Christine A. Chandler

Christine, A. Chandler, M.A.; C.A.G.S. licensed as a certified social worker, psychologist and family systems therapist, specializing in the areas of dysfunctional systems and sexual abuse. I also spent nearly thirty years as a practicing Tibetan 'Buddhist'; six of those years taking care of the handicapped son of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, giving me access to the celebrity Tibetan lamas of the Kagyu and Nyingma sects and their western inner circles, as well as the back-stage of their theatre and deceptions, created for the western world. It was not until I managed to extricate myself from these lamas and their guru-worshipping influences, that I realized I had actually been in an authoritarian, thought-controlling cult, that disguises itself as representing the 'highest teachings of the Buddha'' the 'diamond vehicle' of Vajrayana Tantric Lamaism, that uses the same techniques and engages in the same destructive behaviors found in the most dysfunctional of sexually abusive family systems: those that use religion to justify their abuse.

(Source: extibetanbuddhist.com; August 1, 2020; https://tinyurl.com/ydzdtkh6)
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