ADL creepy new ad promotes censorship under online hate index

The ADL has released a creepy George Orwell 1984-esque video expressing that there is an increase of online hate and how to tackle it. The video shows bubbles that include labeling hate speech such as 9/11 truth, conspiracy, First Amendment, men’s rights and many more. Oh and ironically also the topic of this article – censorship.

The video opens with a woman identified as Brittan Heller, ADL’s Director of the Center for Technology & Society, speaking about online hate and how the ADL and Berkley University are going to tackle online hate speech, (a broad definition which hasn’t truly been defined.) Heller goes on to explain that Berkley and the ADL have been testing artificial intelligence in a lab to help tech giants identify “online hate speech” which presumably is defined by the ADL through the list of topics above in their bubble chart.

The dangerous precedent set for censoring the list above and deeming it hate speech is as follows. Censoring 9/11 truth one would have to ignore the dancing Israelis who said they were there to document the event, a van with a 9/11 mural painted found along with bombs on the George Washington Bridge, as well as the other white Urban Moving System white vans and the documented arrests of Mossad agents. Further, a person would need to completely ignore the insider trading that happened that day as documented by German security firm Convar. And that’s just scratching the surface of questions still no one has yet been able to explain how a building collapses in a controlled demolition matter from a fire like building 7.

In fact, the University Of Alaska recently did a study on just that, finding that WTC 7 did not fall due to fire, contradicting NIST who said the building collapsed from structural damages due to the fire.

Just so the ADL doesn’t call me anti-Semitic, I’ll leave a clear note that I am not blaming one of the other bubbles ADL came up with: “the Jews.” I am simply stating documented facts with questions lingering in response to the nonprofit seeking to censor “9/11 truth.”

The next topic in the bubble chart and perhaps the most dangerous that sticks out is the overall belief in any type of conspiracy being “hate speech.”

Opening up a dictionary, if you Presearch the word “conspiracy” you will get two definitions. The first is “a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.” The second is the “action of plotting or conspiring.”

In a criminal and judicial sense, when a group conspires they are committing conspiracy. So labeling the word conspiracy or anyone who believes in a conspiracy to be a hate speech cheerleader/preacher is not only insane but an irresponsible label applied to independent thought.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the ADL itself has a corrupt past that should scare everyone; the organization has been caught targeting both left and right activist groups in a sophisticated surveillance dragnet with help from police agencies to spy, harass and intimidate several political groups.

In 1993, the ADL was accused of keeping files on more than 950 political groups, newspapers and labor unions and as many as 12,000 people. The case stemmed from Roy Bullock, a San Francisco art dealer working as a spy (Cal), and Tom Gerard, a 25-year police veteran and self-described former C.I.A. agent, NY Times reported.

The FBI then seized ADL files and files from Roy Bullock’s computer.

Groups targeted included both racists and activist groups – Ku Klux Klan, the White Aryan Resistance, Operation Rescue, Greenpeace, the National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People, the United Farm Workers and the Jewish Defense League, the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, American Civil Liberties Union, Earth Island Institute, the United Auto Workers, Jews for Jesus, Mother Jones magazine, the Center for Investigative Reporting, the Bo Gritz for President Committee, the Asian Law Caucus and the AIDS activist group ACT UP.

Computer files also included information on several members of Congress, including Pelosi, House Armed Services Committee Chairman Ron Dellums (D-Berkeley) and former Republican Rep. Pete McCloskey from the Bay Area.

At the time, authorities said much of the material collected by the group was confidential information obtained illegally from law enforcement agencies. They also alleged that data on some individuals and organizations was sold separately to the South African government, LA Times reported.

Speaking of conspiracy, the story didn’t end there – LA Times later followed up with a report that David Gurvitz an associate of the ADL had communicated with an Israeli official. In the court transcript, Gurvitz recounts how he received a tip that a pro-Palestinian activist was about to board a plane bound for Haifa, Israel. Although the Anti-Defamation League publicly denies any ties to Israel, Gurvitz phoned an Israeli consular official to warn him. Shortly afterward, another official called Gurvitz back and debriefed him.

To add to the oddness of the story, Gerard fled to the Philippines after he was interviewed by the FBI, but left behind a briefcase in his police locker. Its contents included several passports, drivers’ licenses and identification cards in 10 different names; identification cards in his own name for four American embassies in Central America; a collection of blank birth certificates, Army discharge papers and official stationery from various agencies.

Just in case there is any doubt that the ADL and SPLC are behind the recent YouTube purge, the ADL made it clear in a tweet last August that they were helping on YouTube’s Trusted Flaggers Program.

Ironically, the comments were disabled for the ADL video, probably because of the backlash that would have followed. Further, ADL, if you have to suppress a free discussion board that might say something about what you are doing. As I have reiterated for the past year, “1984 wasn’t an instruction manual” – yet, big tech industries and thinktank organizations and nonprofits seem to think that it was.

You can watch the new creepy ADL ad below and witness the organization helping to create a 1984 dystopian society.


By Aaron Kesel

Aaron Kesel writes for Natural Blaze and Activist Post and is the Director of content for Coinivore. He is an independent journalist and researcher you can also check out more of his work on Steemit. Find Aaron on Twitter

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