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Revealed: the dangerous chemicals in your food wrappers

 Tests by Consumer Reports found PFAS in all kinds of food packaging, even from companies that say they’ve phased out the chemicals

by Kevin Loria of Consumer Reports

Independent testing of more than 100 packaging products from US restaurant and grocery chains identified PFAS chemicals in many of the wrappers, a Consumer Reports investigation has found.

The potentially dangerous “forever chemicals“were found in food packaging including paper bags for french fries, wrappers for hamburgers, molded fiber salad bowls and single-use paper plates.

They were found in the packaging from every retailer CR looked at, including fast-food chains – such as Burger King and McDonald’s – and places that promote healthier fare, such as Cava and Trader Joe’s.

CR tested multiple samples of 118 food packaging products and found evidence of PFAS in more than half of those tested, while almost a third had levels beyond a threshold supported by CR experts and others.

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By Kevin Loria / Business Insider Reporter

Correspondent @BusinessInsider covering science, health, and all kinds of other things.




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