Village Connection Network interview with Professor Mary Holland and Dr. Larry Palevsky about the Gardasil HPV Vaccine

From Village Connection Network, Long Island, New York, Professor Mary Holland and Dr. Larry Palevsky, on HPV vaccination.  As of this date, New York State is seeking to mandate HPV vaccinations for school attendance in S298B. Even parents who have fully vaccinated their children per the pediatric CDC schedule see this bill as overreaching in terms of public health. Of course, if they refuse the Gardasil vaccine for their sons and daughters, they will join the ranks of the "anti-vaxxers," in an aut0matic inclusion.

Vaxxed II has a powerful segment on injury and death following HPV vaccination. Below, meet Colton and his Mom from the first Vaxxed movie. Colton was an athletic, gutsy, active teen paralyzed by his Gardasil shots. You'll have to meet him in the video. You'll never meet him in person.  This beautiful boy. Is. Gone. He died  in January of 2018.


(Source:; December 11, 2019;
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