‘Vaccine Induced’ Documentary

 - Tells Story Of Man’s COVID Jab-Induced, ‘Phenomenally Dangerous’ Illness

September 24, 2022

The “Vaccine Induced” documentary tells the story of a man’s COVID jab-induced, phenomenally dangerous illness. In the documentary, Shaun Mulldoon describes how his AstraZeneca shot completely upended his life and his uncritical perception of vaccines.

In an effort to shield kids from a similar destiny, a brief documentary detailing the story of a Canadian man’s life-threatening disease brought on by a vaccination has been made public.

The movie “Vaccine Induced” describes how Shaun Mulldoon’s life and uncritical perspective of “vaccines” were upended after an AstraZeneca jab resulted in a near-death experience and a continuing struggle with potentially fatal blood clots.

Watch the video below:

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(Source: greatgameindia.com; September 24, 2022; https://tinyurl.com/2fbejjck)
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