Vaccine genocide in the UK, but the jab drive continues

By Kathy Gyngell

September 12, 2023

READERS may wonder what has happened to our regular analysis of MHRA Yellow Card Covid vaccine adverse events data since our last report on April 21. My apologies are due. My forgetfulness – not MHRA negligence for once – is the reason. In fact there have been three Yellow Card releases since then, one up to May 31, a second to July 26 and the most recent at the end of August, which Jenny Brown is analysing for us right now.

She provided us with a full breakdown of the May 31 data last June, including the various categories of severe reactions, and a summary of the July 26 release a few weeks ago. 

The headlines drawn from these are shocking beyond belief.

·         The 1 in 191 reports associated with a fatality (397 of which are of unknown age) reported by the end of May had risen to 1 in 188 by the end of July – in sum 2,564 equalling 0.5 per cent of all reports (and an increase of 45 fatalities in just those eight weeks);

·         1,696 more people impacted by adverse event since the previous April report

·         By May 31, 480,658 people in total impacted;

·         The 357,931 reports acknowledged to be serious by the end of May (9.6 per cent of which are of people of ‘unknown’ age) had risen to 358,559 by the end of July; 

·         The total number of reported reactions now well above the one and half million mark;

·         32,023 acute cardiac disorders reported (May 31);

·         And 58,869 reproductive and breast disorders (May 31);

·         ‘Greater than’ 16 under-19 fatalities reported on May 31, by end of July had risen to ‘greater than’ 17;

·         The 43 ’20-29-year-old’ fatalities by end of July had become ‘greater than’ 45.

Yet the government recklessly continues to push the booster on to all age groups. 

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