Shungite saves Bees

The introduction of Shungite to the beehives resulted in: our bee population grew from about 50,000 bees to over one million bees in a short 11 weeks. Shungite is a miracle mineral to save bees.

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Worried about what effect WiFi has on your body, your children or your animals?

Are your solar panels frying your brain without you even knowing?

All WiFi, cell phones, smart meters, phone towers and solar panels have a measurable impact upon your health!

NEXUS is selling Blushield technology products, because they work!

Live blood analysis and two years of testimonials from people with extreme electrosensitivity indicates that this is the only product on the market giving non-placebo results.  

We use Blushield in our NEXUS office and in our homes, and we have no hesitation in giving Blushield our strongest endorsement.  

For cell phones we also recommend and use the airtube earplugs, instead of wired earphones.

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By Russia Today TV

RUSSIA TODAY TV is about building bridges between cultures and across oceans. It is about the people of Russia and their contributions to the world. This is their story. Yet it is also the story of the ancestral background of the 16.6 million Americans of Russian descent, and the 97.6 million Americans of Eastern and Central European descent so deeply affected by the Russian people. RUSSIA TODAY honors the memory, tradition and culture of one of the oldest and most diverse civilizations of the world.

#russianstudies #sovietlife #intelligence #russianhistory #russiatoday Russia Today has won two Telleys, one of which was for the Best Informational Show. Russia Today TV produced substantial number of unique interviews and the show’s guests have included James Billington, Paula Dobriansky, Priscilla Roosevelt, Vasily Aksyonov, Sergei Bodrov, Boris Grebenschikov, Nikolai Getman, Michael McFaul, Jim Putnam, Blair Ruble, Win Wenger, Valery Soyfer, John Dziak, Buz Carpenter,Sharon Savoy

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