Patrick Colbeck’s speech to the Michigan State Senate

... on the risks of Wi-Fi

Age of Autism has traditionally focused on the issues vaccination and autism, but we ignore the expansion of Wi-Fi at our peril. Senator Colbeck criticizes the Michigan Senate’s indifference to the safety of citizens and particularly children with the rolling out of 5th Generation WiFi transmitters (soon to be hitting us on the streets of London too).

Video courtesy of Environmental Health Trust

Sen Colbeck comments:

"Article 4 section 51 of the Michigan Constitution States: 'the public health and the general welfare of the people of the state are hereby declared to be a matter of primary public concern. The legislature shall pass suitable laws for the protection and promotion of public health.' Despite the convenience and the enormous economic growth potential associated with the Internet of Things our primary concern as legislator is not convenience, noe economic growth. As much as I love technology as per our Michigan constitution the public health and general welfare of the people of our state are supposed our primary concern...This convenience comes at a price and it comes at the price to the health of many of our citizens most notably children babies in the womb and even adults who suffer from hyper sensitivity to wireless transitions".

"A few weeks ago I distributed sample data to each of you from scientific studies...complied by bioinitiative,org. ..the adverse health effects are very serious."

"Many of us are rightly concerned about the hazards of cigarattes, lead levels..and other harmful substances...but I regreat to inform you that we need to add electromagnetic radiaiton from wireless technology to this list."

The literature about the dangers of Wi-Fi radiation is voluminous and convincing, and yet here - as in so  many other fields - we are rushing to our doom helped on our way by a zombie class of politicians and journalists.


By John Stone / UK Editor for Age of Autism
(Source:; March 19, 2018;
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