NY frontline nurse turns into investigative journalist after taking a hidden camera into the hospital

In Brief

  • The Facts:

    Erin Marie Olszewski is a nurse who turned into an investigative journalist after witnessing some strange things inside the "epicenter" of the pandemic, in New York, at Elmhurst hospital.

  • Reflect On:

    Why is there so much controversy, as well as evidence, information, and testimony that seems to completely contradict the World Health Organization (WHO) and our federal health regulatory agencies?

What Happened: The interview below, conducted by Journeyman Pictures, features Erin Marie Olszewski. Olszewski is a nurse who became an investigative journalist after experiencing and witnessing some confusing events that took place regarding the new coronavirus in the hospitals where she was working. This includes patients being neglected, deaths being attributed to COVID-19 when they were not a result of the virus, and other strange happenings like putting susceptible sick people who did not have the coronavirus in the same area as all of the people who did, and much more.

During the pandemic, she worked at two hospitals. One private and one public, in Florida and in New York. The hospital where she worked in New York was called Elmhurst in Queens, and it’s considered the “epicenter of the epicenter” of the outbreak. Her experiences inside of the hospitals give her a very interesting perspective of what’s been going on, and it inspired and effected her so much that she decided to quit and become an investigative journalist. It’s just another person added to the list that is seeing something completely different than what we’ve been told, and what we are being told.

The interview is a bit outdated and took place last month. It’s reached well over one million views and is one of many videos that Journeyman Pictures has put out with some interesting people that have received a lot of attention. I just came across it, which is why I am sharing it now because I know there are still a few people out there who will be interested in this.

Alternative media is so important because no matter how much evidence and examples exist to prove something, if the narrative threatens the official stance that’s beamed out by mainstream media and the World Health Organization (WHO), it’s usually deemed as false or just ridiculed and labeled a conspiracy theory.

This is concerning, especially when it comes to COVID-19 because many doctors, scientists, and epidemiologists have had their research and opinion completely censored, especially by social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. YouTube recently admitted that any information that contradicts the WHO will be taken down, no matter who it comes from. Again, we’ve seen this happen to some of the world’s leading scientists in this area.

Is it right to have what I call a digital authoritarian Orwellian “fact-checker” patrolling the internet? Should people not have the right to examine information openly and freely, and decide for themselves what they chose to believe instead of being told what is correct and what isn’t correct?

What’s really going on here? These are important and OK questions to ask. Many people still don’t want to travel down that road. Are we living in a time where even questioning something is greeted with a harsh reaction? Why are we so offended all of the time? Why are we so closed off to perspectives that are not shared by the mainstream media? Why are we so sheltered from these perspectives? Is it because these perspectives completely dismantle many people’s perception of how our world really works?

Why This Matters

I found it interesting when she provided information suggesting that COVID-19 deaths were not accurate, in that people who don’t die as a result of the virus were being counted in the death count. This correlated with a lot of other information that’s surfaced with regard to this. For example, Toronto Public Health tweeted in late June that “Individuals who have died with COVID-19, but not as a result of COVID-19, are included in the case counts for COVID-19 deaths in Toronto.” There are multiple examples from multiple countries and states. If interested, you can read more about that in this article as it goes into more detail.

What’s interesting is that it’s not just Olszewski. Many nurses, doctors, scientists, epidemiologists, and pathologists have all raised concerns about this pandemic hinting towards foul play, and this interview is simply another great example.

Perspectives on the pandemic like this, again, are not really well known when it comes to the mainstream collective mind. This is why alternative media is so important, and it’s also why there has been a massive censorship campaign of media outlets like ours. We’ve been demonetized and our social media reach is constantly limited due to the restrictions that Facebook puts on our page.

This is why we started CETV, a platform that’s independent and not reliant on social media posting. We created it in an attempt to keep doing what we are doing and continue to have the ability to do so. It’s how you can support us so we can continue to bring awareness to information like this.

The Takeaway

We are living in a world where mainstream media literally beams their perception of events in the consciousness of people through television programming. Simultaneously, a massive ridicule campaign combined with censorship ensues when it comes to information that threatens that narrative, the narrative portrayed by the select few mainstream media outlets, who have been exposed as mouthpieces for powerful corporations, governments, and intelligence agencies, that is. You can see a few examples here.

Why are people who expose information always punished? Alternative media outlets are also being punished and people like Julian Assange are in jail for exposing crimes against humanity by powerful people, governments, and corporations. How is it that this is happening, is it because we identify with those who are committing these crimes against humanity? Is it because the ones doing it always seem to do it under the guise of goodwill and necessity?

Human beings are good, moral, ethical creatures. The environment that shapes us and our consciousness, however, has been influenced by an extreme amount of manipulation. The only way to drive us into certain measures is to make us believe we are doing it for the good of not only ourselves but for others as well.

We have to ask ourselves, are the measures we are being forced into actually effective? Is this really about the virus or are governments using the coronavirus for ulterior motives?

At the end of the day, the amount of fraud, corruption, and deceit that seems to be exposed every month within these governments, corporations, and federal/world health organizations is quite clear for those who are willing to take a look. This begs the question, why do we continue to listen, obey, and follow? Why are we constantly relying on a small group of elite people to decide the direction of the human race and what we should do with our lives? Why do we keep voting and upholding a system that is clearly outdated and serves no real purpose?


By Arjun Walia

Senior writer & investigative journalist at The Pulse & Collective Evolution. I report on a variety of topics including UAP, science, consciousness & current events. To contact me: [email protected]

(Source: collective-evolution.com; July 22, 2020; https://tinyurl.com/yx9fghg7)
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