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... safety in vaccines

Note: JB Handley is writing a book that delves into the astonishing science that proves the dangers of using aluminum as an adjuvant in vaccines. Science moves forward - one hopes.  As mercury as been removed from the bulk of the pediatric vaccine schedule, this equally nefarious metal has been added.  We know for a fact that our children are facing a very different childhood experience.  The CDC term "adverse childhood events" is new to the pediatric lexicon. However, while CDC considers outside events only, we need to look at what is going into our children. As so many of us, including JB, founder of Generation Rescue, have been saying for more than a decade. Thank you, JB.

From JB:

OH MY...GOD. If you ever needed an example of the close-minded, ignorant, safety-negligent AAP, here it is. Aluminum science has gone through a revolution in the past decade. Leading scientists of the world are literally screaming for a re-evaluation of the safety of aluminum and showing exactly how injected aluminum from vaccines can cause brain damage.

And, yet, the best the AAP can do when providing an "expert" witness is to provide the head of the Michigan AAP who thinks ingesting soluble aluminum and injecting aluminum hydroxide are the same thing, despite extensive research showing the dangers of injected aluminum adjuvant.

It would be like a psychologist testifying that ulcers are caused by worrying or an oncologist testifying that we still don't know if tobacco causes lung cancer. For parents, this is confusing as hell. Who are they supposed to believe? The pediatrician who believes the risks outweigh the benefits of vaccines 100% of the time, or the leading neurotoxicologists in the world? (I know who I'm going with!)

I have written extensively about the topic of aluminum in vaccines, which is likely a primary cause of all of this brain damage in children, because injected aluminum adjuvant triggers Immune Activation Events, which, if they happen during times of fragile brain development, can have devastating consequences. Here's an article on how absurd the FDA's aluminum "safety" studies are:

A lone FDA scientist could end the autism epidemic

And, here's an article that summarizes all the recent science on aluminum:

Did British scientists just solve the autism puzzle?

And, here are just a few quotes from aluminum scientists worldwide warning about the DANGERS of aluminum adjuvant. Dr. Teresa Holtrop of the Michigan AAP--you are CLUELESS and RECKLESS.

It appears that six scientists—none American—have stepped forward to sound the alarm loudly about the extreme danger of aluminum, and perhaps initiate a reckoning of the true cause of the autism epidemic once and for all. Dr. Chris Exley of Keele University; Drs. Romain Gherardi Guillemette Crepea of Université Paris Est Créteil; Drs. Christopher Shaw and Lucija Tomljenovic of the University of British Columbia; and Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld of Tel Aviv University have all contributed to the understanding we now have of aluminum, and the way it appears uniquely able to trigger immune activation events in the brains of certain children, leading to autism. Looking at some of their quotes collectively will help you appreciate how bold their statements really are. This new scientific understanding of aluminum changes everything. For me personally, I feel like I finally have a plausible explanation for what happened to my son.

“Now, because I have seen the same cells that we will see at an injection site carrying a cargo of aluminum into the brain tissue of individuals who died with autism I would now say that we have to think very carefully about who receives a vaccine that includes an aluminum adjuvant. We need to think carefully, is this vaccine a life-saving vaccine or not? If it isn’t, don’t have it with an aluminum adjuvant.” - Dr. Chris Exley, Keele University (England), 2017

“Concerns about its [alum’s] safety emerged following recognition of its unexpectedly long-lasting biopersistence within immune cells in some individuals, and reports of chronic fatigue syndrome, cognitive dysfunction, myalgia, dysautonomia and autoimmune/inflammatory features temporally linked to multiple Al-containing vaccine administrations…In the context of massive development of vaccine-based strategies worldwide, the present study may suggest that aluminium adjuvant toxicokinetics and safety require reevaluation.” - Dr. Guillemette Crépeaux, Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire d’Alfort (France), 2016

“Thus alum and other poorly biodegradable materials taken up at the periphery by phagocytes circulate in the lymphatic and blood circulation and can enter the brain using a Trojan horse mechanism similar to that used by infectious particles. Previous experiments have shown that alum administration can cause CNS [central nervous system] dysfunction and damage, casting doubts on the exact level of alum safety.”- Dr. Romain K. Gherardi, Université Paris-Est Créteil (France), 2015

“…it is somewhat surprising to find that in spite of over 80 years of use, the safety of Al adjuvants continues to rest on assumptions rather than scientific evidence. For example, nothing is known about the toxicology and pharmacokinetics of Al adjuvants in infants and children…Yet, in spite of these observations children continue regularly to be exposed to much higher levels of Al adjuvants than adults, via routine childhood vaccination programmes.” - Dr. Chris Shaw, University of British Columbia (Canada), 2012

“continuously escalating doses of this poorly biodegradable adjuvant in the population may become insidiously unsafe, especially in the case of overimmunization or immature/altered blood brain barrier.” - Dr. Romain Gherardi, Université Paris-Est Créteil (France), 2013

“Experimental research has showed that alum adjuvants have a potential to induce serious immunological disorders in humans. Thus, efforts should be put in clarifying the potential threat of alum-containing vaccines.”- Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld, Tel-Aviv University (Israel), 2013

“The problem with vaccine- derived aluminum is really twofold: It drives the immune response even in the absence of a viral or bacterial threat and it can make its way into the central nervous system. It is not really a matter of much debate that aluminum in various forms can be neurotoxic." - Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic, University of British Columbia (Canada), 2013


By JB Handley / Co-Founder, Generation Rescue and Board Member, World Mercury Project

J.B. Handley is the father of a child with Autism. He and his wife co-founded autism charity Generation Rescue. He spent his career in the private equity industry and received his undergraduate degree with honors from Stanford University. He is also the author of “The Only Vaccine Guide a New Parent Will Ever Need”;,“An Angry Father’s Guide to Vaccine-Autism Science”, and “7 reasons CDC employees should be “crying in the hallways”; Podcast

(Source: ageofautism.com; February 28, 2018; http://bit.ly/2HT3i3k)
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