Groundbreaking trial/red light therapy for Parkinson's

 - reduces symptoms and improves GUT microbiome

A groundbreaking trial led by co-ordinator of photomolecular research at the Australasian Research Institute, Dr Ann Liebert, has found that infrared light therapy for Parkinson's disease appears to reduce symptoms and improve the gut microbiome.

This is the first known trial worldwide to demonstrate changes in the human gut microbiome following light therapy.

The study’s findings, which will be published in The Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology, B: Biology, offer a potential ray of hope for the approximately 80 000 Australians and 10 million people worldwide who are facing a long, slow decline from a progressive neurodegenerative disease. This number of Parkinson’s sufferers is only expected to increase in the future with the world’s ageing population and, chillingly, the recently hypothesised link between contracting COVID-19 and an increased risk of Parkinson’s disease.

In this video interview, Professor Hosen Kiat, cardiologist and professor of medicine at the University of New South Wales and professor of cardiology at Macquarie University, discusses the significance of the study's findings and its relevance for Parkinson's disease as well as for many other chronic health conditions including obesity, heart disease, autoimmune diseases and cancers.

“It is quite possible that laser will provide a synergistic effect to the currently available therapeutic manoeuvres [to the gut microbiome]”, Professor Kiat says. “It is a no-brainer if it is useful because it is relatively cheap, it is non-invasive and it has zero side effects.”

Professor Kiat also says that the combination of the abdominal laser application (at a wavelength of 904-nanometers) and the helmet application of the laser to the head (at a wavelength of 810-nanometers) resulted in "... very significant improvements in the symptoms of Parkinson's disease".

The laser that was used in the trial can be found here:

And the headpiece (helmet) that was used in the trial can be found here:

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