FDA accepting Public Comment on Covid Vaccine for 5-12 Year Olds


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There is an FDA meeting on October 26, 2021 to discuss covid vaccination in children ages 5-11, specifically expanding the Pfizer EUA to children as young as five.

You can make a public comment until October 25, 2021 that will go on record for the FDA to consider as it decides on Emergency Use Authorization for covid vaccines for children ages 5-12.

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Stand for Health Freedom cannot give you a script because duplicate comments get screened and deleted. However, we can arm you with inspiration from some of our most salient talking points.

In recent meetings, many panelists have expressed concern about the benefits of vaccination versus the risks to our vulnerable children. Comments about this risk-benefit analysis will stand out to them.

Similarly, myocarditis in our young males has been a key question resonating throughout meetings in VRBPAC. Panelists are very concerned about heart problems in our youth and are not convinced the “benefit” being pushed by FDA and Pfizer are enough to outweigh the spotty data about myocarditis. Comments about your concerns regarding myocarditis will be very important for the panel. (Comment before October 21 if you can!)

Transmission of COVID-19 among children in schools and daycares is very rare.

According to published data by the CDC, 99.99815% of children who contract COVID-19 survive.

Children are not a significant threat to the elderly and vulnerable as most COVID cases are spread from adults to children.
There are no adequate long-term safety studies of mRNA covid vaccines because the placebo group was “unblinded” and allowed to get the vaccine.

This is NOT a FDA approved vaccine they are looking to give children, the FDA would potentially be expanding the Emergency Use Authorization to include children as young as five. In other words, any mandate for children is of an experimental drug.

According to the data available from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) as of Oct. 8, there have been a total of 21,652 reports of adverse events, including 1,304 serious reactions and 24 deaths in the 12- to 17-year-old age group.
Healthy adolescents aged 12-17 who have been given covid vaccines have experienced blood clots, myocarditis, neurologic symptoms and extreme fatigue.        

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(Source: ageofautism.com; October 21, 2021; https://bit.ly/3vzwUM8)
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