Failure of covid vaccines in Israel - another study

Another study in Israel shows the failure of the COVID vaccines.

Israel is one of the most heavily COVAXed countries and also has some small measure of scientific integrity. So, it can sometimes be a useful source of information about the true impact of the COVID vaccines used in Israel and those lessons applied to other countries.

A paper published recently in Eurosurveillance entitled Nosocomial outbreak caused by the SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant in a highly vaccinated population, Israel, July 2021 shows that the vaccines do not create “vaccine-generated herd immunity” as claimed by the vaccine makers and their minions in government and media.

Nosocomial infections are those patients acquire while admitted to a health-care facility and are often the result of super-germs and can be fatal.

The study is about a COVID outbreak which spread rapidly among nearly fully vaxed hospital staff at an Israeli Medical Center. Despite a 96% vaccination rate, use of N-95 surgical masks by patients and full personal protective equipment worn by doctors and nurses, the calculated rate of infection among all exposed patients and staff was 10.6% (16/151) for staff and 23.7% (23/97) for patients.

Of the 42 cases diagnosed in the outbreak, 38 were fully vaccinated with two doses of Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine, one had received only one vaccination and three were unvaccinated. Of the infected, 23 were patients and 19 were staff members. The staff all recovered quickly. However, eight vaccinated patients became severely ill, six became critically ill and five of the critically ill died. The two unvaccinated patients had only mild COVID cases and recovered.

This case is typical of what is unfolding around the globe in heavily COVAXed countries. The vaccine applies evolutionary pressure to the virus while limiting natural immunity and antibodies from the vaccine decline steadily after first few weeks following injection. This generates vast numbers of coronavirus mutations and turns the COVAXed into super-spreaders of the mutations. Anything short of level 4 bio-safety measures can't prevent the transmission of the successful variants so when one of those super-spreaders is exposed to others some will contract the new strains of the virus and lacking a healthy immune system will die.

A major study currently in peer-review entitled Durability of immune responses to the BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine shows that the antibodies created by the mRNA vaccine decrease rapidly and after about 6 months there is little immunity left. This means that the COVAXed will have to be injected with a new vaccine every 6 months which will not likely provide much protection against the newest strains and their natural immunity will be compromised. This is in addition to the many adverse and often lethal reactions to the vaccines.

Project Veritas released a video this week in which three Pfizer scientists admit that natural immunity is superior to what their vaccine provides. A previous Israeli study showed that natural immunity is up to 27 times more effective at preventing serious infections of COVID.

No matter how many times a person gets injected with a coronavirus vaccine the same scenario will occur. Natural immunity always beats any short-term benefit from a vaccine. The vaccines do not create herd immunity and kill more people than they save while causing lifelong health problems in far too many people.

The COVAXed are the super spreaders who pose a threat to everyone else, not those with natural immunity. This is why many leading experts have called for an end to the COVAX and continued mass vaccination is a crime against humanity. 


(Source:; October 6, 2021;
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