Fact Check Fail response from Andy Wakefield on CHD TV

 Trolls gonna troll. Andy Wakefield has been a pillar of our mission since we launched in 2007. His face on the cover of Mothering Magazine back when we were still talking about Y2K spun my head around and opened my eyes. Andy Wakefield has taken more hits for our children than anyone else alive. He is our OG. And he has never deserted them, or their families. Yours. Mine. He could have collapsed like a cheap lawn chair and to paraphrase Longfellow, "quietly folded his tent and stolen away." He. Did. Not. Follow him on Twitter here https://twitter.com/DrWakefield
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”If you’re going to fact check, please do your job […] and get it right” — Andrew Wakefield confronts ‘fact-check’ attacks on Twitter and reveals why he is the biggest threat to mainstream media. The mass censorship of Andrew Wakefield, and subsequent efforts to destroy his career raise up a vital question, what exactly are they afraid of? But first, host Michael Kane updates viewers on the news. Don’t miss it!


The War On Ivermectin
Dr. Pierre Kory

Ivermectin is a dirty word in the media. It doesn’t work. It’s a deadly horse dewormer. Prescribe or promote it and you’ll be called a right-wing quack, be banned from social media, or lose your license to practice medicine. And yet, entire countries wiped out the virus with it, and more than ninety-five studies now show it to be unequivocally effective in preventing and treating Covid-19. If it didn’t work, why was there a coordinated global campaign to cancel it? What’s the truth about this decades-old, Nobel Prize-winning medication? The War on Ivermectin is the personal and professional narrative of Dr. Pierre Kory and his crusade to recommend a safe, inexpensive, generic medicine as the key to ending the pandemic.

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By Dick Russell

An epic biography filled with drama, conflict, and surmounted challenges.

The Real RFK Jr. is an intimate biographical portrait examining the controversial activist's journey from anguish and addiction to becoming the country's leading environmental champion fighting government corruption, corporate greed, and a captured media. Written by his longtime colleague Dick Russell, the biography also exposes the misconceptions and explains the rationale behind Kennedy's campaign to protect public health.

Provided exclusive source material, including access to Kennedy’s unpublished writings and personal journals, the author conducted dozens of interviews with him as well as numerous friends and associates. Russell delves into everything from Kennedy’s sometimes death-defying river rafting adventures to his pioneering legal cases against polluters such as Smithfield Foods and Monsanto, while founding the world’s largest water protection group. The Real RFK Jr. also examines Kennedy’s pursuit of the truth about the assassinations of his father and uncle, the wrongful murder conviction of his cousin, and the false narratives around the COVID-19 pandemic.

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