Excess deaths from the covid jab in every jabbed nation

 Norwegian doctors are worried about the situation.

Peter Imanuelsen

Something weird is happening and it is not being covered by the mainstream media. A large number of people are dying and doctors don't know why.

They do know one thing. It is not only happening in one country. It is happening in many countries at the same time. Countries all over Europe are seeing very high excess death rates this year (meanwhile the birthrates have also mysteriously collapsed this year as well).

And many of the excess deaths are not covid related.

Norwegian doctors and hospitals are now sounding the alarm about a mysterious increase in the number of patients, and they don't have covid.

"We never have less than 100 patients every day. They are well grown people with all kinds of ailments. We don't understand why" says Jørn Einar Rasmussen, leader in the Norwegian organization for Emergency medicine.

This is shocking.

Norway has had a excess mortality this year that is more than 10% higher than normal. This isn't normal!

In fact, it is so bad that demographer Anders Sønstebø at the Norwegian statistics bureau warns that the life expectancy might actually decrease this year, which would be a first since 1997.

But it is not only in Norway.

All over Europe we are seeing shocking levels of excess mortality, with Greece having had a whopping 24.3% more deaths than normal in the month of August this year. Finland had an excess death rate of 16.3%. Germany had an excess death rate of 16.5%.

This is insane. What is going on here?

A few months ago I wrote an article on this subject, where I found that there had been a shocking 10 000 non-covid related excess deaths during just one week in Europe this summer compared with last year. This is really bad. You can read my previous article on that here.

And things are not looking good.

In England and Wales there is now over 1 000 non-covid related excess deaths in just one week. What is causing this?

After countless hours of research, I think I have found some answers that might shock you.

There is a certain health problem that has seen a dramatic increase lately that seems to be a major factor in the excess death rate.

Almost nobody in the mainstream media is talking about this, so I will.

Let's take a closer look to see if we can find out what is going on...

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By Peter Sweden
(Source: petersweden.substack.com; November 3, 2022; https://tinyurl.com/2hqanv4n)
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