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EMR case thrown out before being heard

A Sunshine Coast father is in danger of loosing his home, after his day in court was cut dramatically short by Mr Stjernqvist in the Maroochydore Magistrates court, who decided that the case against NBN Co was an "abuse of process" and "incompetent".

Mr Stjernqvist ordered Mr Evans to pay NBN Co $136,000 in costs.

Mr Evans' barrister, Raymond Broomhall had argued that NBN Co met the definition of a "person" and that there was a "real threat" against David Evans which would amount to assault occasioning bodily harm.

David Evans is determined to shut down an NBN tower for fear the radiation would destroy him after being diagnosed with electromagnetic radiation (EMR) sensitivity following 35 years working as a high-voltage electrician.

Mr Evans said "Barring a miracle, it looks like I’ll lose my house in order to pay NBN Co their fees", but he wants to appeal this decision, explaining that,  "All I’ve ever wanted is to have my day in court. The only way I can stand up for myself and anyone threatened by electromagnetic radiation is to go back."

A personal message from David ...

So I now make a personal request to all of you. Let’s not stop here. We can do this, if we come together and make it happen.

For example, around 60,000 people have now signed Jessie Reimers’ Stop 5G petition. If Jessie and the other 60,000-odd Australians could give less than the cost of one cup of coffee we could raise over $200,000 and fund the legal team I need to push this case back the right way.

Help me make the biggest difference in this EMR/5G situation that has ever been achieved in any state of Australia.

It’s not just about winning the court battle. Of course it’s also to help me to SAVE MY KID’S HOME from being sold to the pay the $136,000 bill — all for nothing.

Please stand with me now in this legal battle so we can all look back in 5 years time and say on 26/01/2020 we all made a stand together, and in doing so we achieved an outcome which has provided protection for our kids, our communities and our environment
I need your help now more than ever.

Thank you so much for you time, love and support.
David Evans

Davids GOFUNDME page can be found here


By Steven Bartlett
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