Don't carry your cell phone close to your body

When we purchase products that emit wireless (WiFi) radiation, they include guidelines that state holding or carrying these products too close to our bodies doesn’t fall within federal safety guidelines and standards established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Examples of manufacturer guidelines are provided in this 2011 CNN story produced after The World Health Organization classified Wireless (WiFi) Radiation as a “Group 2B Possible Carcinogen.”

The Apple iPhone 4 safety manual says users’ radiation exposure should not exceed FCC guidelines: “When using iPhone near your body for voice calls or for wireless data transmission over a cellular network, keep iPhone at least 15 millimeters (5/8 inch) away from the body.”

BlackBerry Bold advises users to “keep the BlackBerry device at least 0.98 inch (25 millimeters) from your body when the BlackBerry device is transmitting.”

The logic behind such recommendations is that the further the phone is from the body, the less radiation is absorbed.  

In 2009, before the WHO classified wireless (WiFi) radiation as a “Possible Carcinogen,” America’s favorite doctor, Dr. Oz also recommended not carrying cell phones too close to the body.

In 2010, GQ Magazine published a powerful article warning us about cell phone and wireless (WiFi) radiation.  Included were interviews with scientists who had conducted research for the U.S. government and the telecom industry.

Some scientists believe there is enough research that proves wireless (WiFi) radiation should be classified as a Group A Carcinogen.

Some of the same scientists who say wireless (WiFi) radiation emitting products are safe have a history of also defending tobacco products.

Wireless (WiFi) radiation is microwave radiation – like what cooks food in microwave ovens.  It is required that guidelines be provided with the sale of ALL personal devices and products that emit wireless (WiFi) radiation.  This includes cell phones, cordless landline phones, computers, iPads, WiFi routers, and more.

Products that emit wireless (WiFi) radiation have been known to malfunction, catch fire, and/or explode.  This provides another valid reason to not carry, hold, or wear wireless (WiFi) radiation emitting devices too close to the body. The most recent example of this is Apple AirPods which seem to be designed for wearing close to or inside ears.

In the United States, safety testing for products that emit wireless (WiFi) radiation is not required to be performed on humans, animals, or live tissue.  It is primarily performed on plastic mannequin heads and bodies.

According to many scientists, U.S. federal safety standards and guidelines are outdated and inaccurate in regard to electronic and wireless products.  Also see here.

Wireless or digital utility “Smart” Meters also emit wireless (WiFi) radiation.  Tens of millions of these types of meters have been installed on homes and buildings throughout the United States, North America, and the rest of the world.

Wireless or digital utility “Smart” Meters have also been known to malfunction, catch fire and/or explode.

Utility companies are not required to provide us with guidelines when they install wireless or digital utility “Smart” Meters on homes or buildings even though they emit Wireless (WiFi) Radiation 24 hours every day.  This may prove to be problematic, especially for those who spend extended periods of time in close proximity to a utility “Smart Meter” or multiple “Smart Meters”.

In 2014, The American Cancer Society stated that wireless or digital “Smart” Meters could increase possible cancer risk. 

Many insist that these utility “Smart” Meters are NOT safe and they have proven these meters exceed current federal safety standards. 

When we are exposed to wireless (WiFi) radiation and other sources of electrical pollution (Electrosmog), we absorb it.  Decades of research has proven this can be harmful in ways other than boosting cancer risk.

According to a 2010 article:  “Experts say up to 3% of all people are clinically hypersensitive, as many as one-third of us (are sensitive) to a lesser degree” to wireless (WiFi) radiation and other sources of Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog).

“ElectroHyperSensitivity” (EHS) is the same thing as “Microwave Sickness” which was discovered in the 1950s.

Despite the fact that “Microwave Sickness” is a documented illness, many are still not convinced that wireless (WiFi) radiation and other sources of electrical pollution (Electrosmog) could be causing harm to their health or their children’s health.

Even so, Silicon Valley parents have been limiting their kids’ exposure to new technology for many years already, even sending them to private “low tech” schools. 

Despite decades of research, some of which was performed on animals, many aren’t convinced that these devices could also be affecting their pets’ health or the environment.

There are many symptoms and health conditions associated with exposure to wireless (WiFi) radiation and electrical pollution (Electrosmog).  Exposure can also worsen pre-existing health conditions.

When cell phones were originally introduced to the public, they were very expensive so most people didn’t own them.  Now that cell phones are less expensive, many people own them, including children, and it is common to carry them everywhere on or near our bodies.

There are also more cell towers and antennas in the environment than ever before.  There are plans for even more to be installed.  This is of concern to many people and Dr. Oz featured a segment about cell tower concerns last week on his show.

Firefighters have also been concerned about cell towers and antennas being installed on station property for many years now.

We are constantly warned about protecting ourselves and our loved ones from sun exposure.  We are not constantly warned about protecting ourselves from Wireless (WiFi) Radiation exposure and there is more of it now than ever before.

None of this still may have you concerned and you will continue to carry your phone close to your body.

So this goes out to all the ladies who enjoy the convenience of carrying their cell phones in their bras:  research has determined that cell phones are 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

Think about that the next time you start to put your phone in your bra.

Last month, posted “Cell Phones & Cancer:  8 Dumb Things to Boost Your Possible Cancer Risk.”

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