David v NBNCo. Implications of Biblical Proportions

This is the publics chance to stand up and make change for the sake of their health and that of their children. Please help David set a precidient in times of money over health.

David v NBNCo. FULL TRIAL / HEARING 23/01/2020

David Evans is organising this fundraising appeal on behalf of Lisa Dunn.

My name is David and I live in Peachester, a small rural community in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, 1 hour north of Brisbane with my wife Lisa Dunn (Evans) and our two girls.

This appeal is made as a request for financial contribution to fund and support the legal process necessary, to protect my family, my home, my neighbours, my community and myself, from artificial electromagnetic radiation fields (EMF / EMR) emitting from telecommunications facilities and installations, recently constructed in very close proximity to my home, which is located in Peachester, Queensland Australia.

The journey regarding this situation, began several year ago and has unfortunately only recently, led to the realisation there appears to be no alternative, other than to seek resolution via legal process.

Court proceedings have already commenced.

The first Court hearing was held on the 19/12/2019.

The next court date is set down for the 23/01/2020.

An article is provided in the link below, which reports upon the initial court date.

Source: Sunshine Coast Daily

As a qualified high voltage electrician I have several decades of experience in working with the technical complexities associated with electricity, electromagnetic fields and radiation including managing the many associated risks.

As a father of two young daughters, I am extremely concerned my girls will not be able to continue living in their home with any assurance their health, safety and well-being will endure, free from harm.

Much recent information has become available regarding the matter of harm as it relates to EMF / EMR.

This information is provided by independent scientists, academics and medical professionals, from all over the world who report upon the various adverse effects of artificial EMF / EMR upon human beings, wildlife and the environment.

It is extremely unfortunate this legal process now presents as the only option remaining, for me to protect my family, community and my Self from this situation.

Your kindness and generosity is sincerely appreciated.

David Evans


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