Covid jab removes protection gained by natural immunity-Study

Pfizer Covid Vaccine Removes Protection Gained From Natural Immunity| Danish Health Authority No Longer Recommends Covid Vaccines For Those Under 50| Vaccine Effectiveness 46.8% VS BA5 Hospitalization

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Sep 16, 2022

Important news broke over the last 24-hours you absolutely need to be aware of. Specifically, new data revealed Pfizer’s covid vaccine removed most protection gained from natural immunity in those previously infected than vaccinated, Danish Health Authority recommended against vaccinating healthy people under 50, and Pfizer vaccine effectiveness against BA5 hospitalization plunged to around 40% in a new peer reviewed study.

First, a new study explained how previously infected Pfizer covid vaccine recipients aged 5-11 lost protection against reinfection within 3 months after being vaccinated. However, those with prior infection who did not get vaccinated still had robust immunity for over 7 months. That said, vaccinating after infection actually reduced the immune function compared to only being previously infected.

Next, Danish Health Authority announced they will no longer provide covid vaccination for most under the age of 50. Of course, DAH said vaccination would still be available for those at high risk. Nonetheless, a plethora of new data indicated the harms of covid vaccination in those under 50 was greater than benefits to be derived.

Moving on, a new study posted in New England Journal of Medicine revealed covid vaccination was only 46.8% effective at preventing hospitalization against BA5. Sadly, that protection was short lived and dwindled rapidly after months.

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