BBC guest says excess deaths are likely from covid jabs - causes outrage

 BREAKING — Cardiologist On Live News Says Excess Cardiovascular Deaths In UK Are Likely Linked To mRNA COVID Vaccines And Calls For A Stop To Them Being Administered — BBC News

The mainstream narrative is changing — this is big.

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Jan 14

JUST IN— Dr. Aseem Malhotra blew-the-whistle live on BBC over cardiac damages being heavily associated with mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. It was the first time a message like this was allowed on left leaning mainstream media airwaves.


What was the importance? Historically, once a narrative is pushed by MSM, the trend continues to permeate throughout the media. That said, what will likely begin to permeate now is that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are linked to increased cardiovascular complications, a message that was forbidden to vocalize on any social media, or news platform over the past 2 years.

The tide is turning……



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Video can be accessed at source link below.


(Source:; January 14, 2023;
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