A report from VIE in DC for the unacknowledged vaccine-injured children

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It is interesting that the Washington Post’s Headline includes the subtitle, “Democracy Dies in the Darkness,” when the story of vaccine injury never sees the light of day. 

The Washington Post refused to publish this Op-ed.

On November 14, 2019, thousands of ex-vaccinators (parents of injured and dead children) show up on the National Mall lawn in D.C. on a very chilly and windy day alongside the VaxXed bus. The bus has thousands of names written on the outside, thousands who have been interviewed on camera telling the world about their vaccine injures. Parents stood there on the grass with brave warriors like health advocate and attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., independent journalist Del Bigtree, and others including, clergy, scientists, and medical doctors. Yet, not one mainstream media outlet showed up to report the story or film these weeping parents holding their photos of their children.

I write this piece to acknowledge and honor our lost and injured children and the families who suffered the ultimate price by following the vaccine childhood schedule of 72 injections. And, those families whose child has died, has become disabled or sterile from the HPV vaccine.  I weep alongside them, and I keep fighting for Medical, Religious, and Parental Freedom. The U.S. Supreme Court deemed vaccines “unavoidably” unsafe. Their effectiveness is also significantly in question. Our God does not want us to harm our children. It is our constitutional right to protect our children and keep them safe from harm.

When there is a risk, there must be a choice.

I have learned that medical mandates only benefit a corrupt industry. The captured media, along with Congress, completely ignore the manipulated data and whistleblowers. Propaganda runs deep. The consensus is not science. Real science includes valid blind placebo safety testing for more than five days. Real science is not ghostwritten. The story that vaccines can create herd immunity, and that they are safe and effective may be the biggest lies ever told in history – the same playbook as tobacco science. We had to learn the hard way.

All pharmaceutical products pose a risk, yet vaccines have gotten the golden ticket. Somehow, vaccines are seen as magic remedies riding on happy unicorns, put on earth here by loving souls to save humanity. However, the truth is that these companies are making trillions of dollars, and our tax dollars have paid out over 4.2 billion dollars in vaccine injury court. Sadly, vaccine injury is not one in a million. Fifty-four percent of America’s children now are suffering from mental or physical chronic illness. Asthma, diabetes, seizures, 1:13 children now have a life-threatening allergy, 1:6 have a developmental disability, neurological disorders, and cancer rates are at a record high. It’s time that we start reading vaccine inserts, stop trusting these industries, and begin believing mothers instead.

We need to take a stand for real change. We can no longer put a price tag on our physical and mental health. The amount of pain we are creating for our families and our children is a high price for the way we conduct our business in this country.

Jennifer Giustra-Kozek, LPC, NCC is a mother, wife, board-certified psychotherapist and internationally recognized blogger, advocate and national speaker.  Jennifer has seen the anxiety and the autism epidemic unfold in her private practice and has watched the harmful impact of medication on many young clients.  The ADHD epidemic turned personal when Jennifer’s young son was diagnosed. She plunged into the world of safe and natural healing modalities outside of the pharmaceutical model. She is the author of a five-time award winning book -   Healing Without Hurting: Treating ADHD, Apraxia, and Autism Spectrum Disorders Naturally and Effectively without Harmful Medication.  And, has also released a children’s book. “A Healthy New Me & ADHD Free.” She has been featured in the HEAL documentary, on many podcasts, news stories and her articles appear in many publications. Jennifer consults and blogs with thousands of moms through social media to teach them about alternative and natural solutions. To receive more info on how you and your family can overcome ADHD, apraxia, anxiety and more without medication visit Jennifer’s website.


By Jennifer Giustra-Kozek, LPC, NBCC / Writer

Mom, Therapist, and Author of Healing Without Hurting bringing my findings on how to treat ADHD, autism, apraxia and more without medication to you and your family. -- Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for even more helpful content!


(Source: ageofautism.com; November 21, 2019; http://bit.ly/2QFZfOw)
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