A few nuggets from the best-selling book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The Real Anthony Fauci, from Skyhorse Publishing

By Dr. William H. Gaunt, NMD

Format of this article

This article will cover highlights from the first 100 pages of this 445-page book. Future articles will cover the rest. The plan is to list page numbers so those who have the book can read more about each nugget and look up the references if they want more information. My comments will appear in parenthesis.

An Author’s Take on Kennedy’s Book

Best-selling author James Howard Kunstler (The Long Emergency and several other books) describes The Real Anthony Fauci as “A massive book about Fauci’s unholy career at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a virtual prosecution manual, meticulously annotated, that will be used in countless lawsuits against Dr. Fauci, his colleagues who outlive him, and the many agencies and NGOs and perhaps in actual criminal trials of these well-known perps.” (Is this derogatory quote justified? Read on.)

What is Regulatory Capture?

This quote is from page XV of the introduction. Kennedy explains: “Regulatory capture is the process by which the regulator becomes beholden to the industry it’s meant to regulate ... From the moment of my reluctant entrance into the vaccine debate in 2005, I was astonished to realize that the pervasive web of deep financial entanglements between Pharma and the government health agencies had put regulatory capture on steroids.” (The CDC, FDA, and other regulators no longer protect the people from rapacious pharma corporations. They now protect these corporations from the people.)

Early Treatment Options Ignored

On page 8, Dr Peter McCullough, MD observes that “We could have dramatically reduced COVID fatalities and hospitalizations using early treatment protocols and repurposed drugs including ivermectin (IVM) and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and many, many others…Hundreds of peer-reviewed studies now show that early treatment could have averted some 80 percent of deaths attributed to COVID…but for Dr. Fauci’s hard-headed tunnel vision on new vaccines and Remdesivir. (We will see that the use of cheap and highly effective drugs was not only ignored but was aggressively suppressed.)

Killing Hydroxychloroquine

On page 19, Kennedy explains that “Dr. Fauci led an effort to deliberately derail America’s access to lifesaving drugs and medicines that might have saved hundreds of thousands of lives and dramatically shortened the pandemic…From the outset, HCQ and other therapeutics posed an existential threat to Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates’ $48 billion COVID vaccine project, and particularly to their vanity drug Remdesivir, in which Gates has a large stake. On page 21 there is more information on HCQ: “Some 200 peer-reviewed studies (C19Study.com) by government and independent researchers deem HCQ safe and effective against Coronavirus, especially when taken prophylactically or when in the initial stages of illness along with zinc and Zithromax.” (HCQ and other effective and cheap drugs had to be suppressed in order to sell more vaccines and Remdesivir.)

More on page 26: “Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, and WHO financed a cadre of research mercenaries to concoct a series of nearly 20 studies all employing fraudulent protocols deliberately designed to discredit HCQ as unsafe. Instead of using the standard treatment dose of 400 mg/day, the 17 WHO studies administered a borderline lethal daily dose starting with 2,400 mg on Day 1 and using 800 mg/day thereafter.”

Dr. Meryl Nass had this to say about these studies, “The purpose seemed, very clearly, to poison the patients and blame the deaths on HCQ.” (The correct protocol is to give HCQ, zinc, and Zithromax at a dosage that is safe and effective early in the disease before the patients are critically ill. These studies used borderline lethal doses of HCQ in critically ill patients and did not use zinc and Zithromax. The intent of these studies was to deliberately make HCQ appear ineffective and dangerous.)

Fraudulent studies published by The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine

On page 29, Kennedy describes these studies: “Both studies in these respected publications relied on data from the Surgisphere Corporation, an obscure Illinois based medical education company that claimed to somehow control an extraordinary global database boasting access to medical information from 96,000 patients in more than 600 hospitals … The Lancet article portrayed HCQ as ineffective and dangerous … Three European nations immediately banned use of HCQ, and others followed within weeks.” (The Surgisphere data was fraudulently conjured up from thin air.)

More on page 30: “Both The Lancet and NEJM finally withdrew their studies in shame … To date neither the authors nor the journals have explained who induced them to coauthor and publish the most momentous fraud in the history of scientific publishing …The capacity of their Pharma overlords to strong-arm the world’s top two medical journals into condoning deadly research and to simultaneously publish blatantly fraudulent articles in the middle of a pandemic, attests to the cartel’s breathtaking power and ruthlessness … The headline of a comprehensive expose’ in the British newspaper “The Guardian” expressed the global shock among the scientific community of the rank corruption by scientific publishing’s most formidable pillars: “The Lancet has made one of the biggest retractions in modern history. How could this happen?” The Guardian writers openly accused The Lancet of promoting fraud. “The sheer number and magnitude of the things that went wrong or missing are too enormous to attribute to mere incompetence … What’s incredible is that the editors of these esteemed journals still have a job.”

Meanwhile in Other Countries

On page 32 and 33, Kennedy describes what was happening in other countries regarding HCQ: “In compliance with the WHO recommendation, Switzerland banned the use of HCQ; however, about two weeks into the ban, Switzerland’s death rates tripled, for about 15 days, until Switzerland reintroduced HCQ. COVID deaths then fell back to their baseline. Switzerland’s “natural experiment” had provided yet another potent argument for HCQ … A meta-review of 58 observational studies by physician researchers in Spain, Italy, France, and Saudi Arabia found that HCQ dramatically reduced mortality from COVID, while additional articles by doctors in Turkey, Canada, and the US found that HCQ’s cardiac toxicity is negligible.

Andrew Schlafly (engineer and lawyer) observed that, “The mortality rate from COVID-19 in countries that allow access to HCQ is only one-tenth the mortality rate in countries where there is interference with this medication, such as the United States … In some areas of Central America, officials are even going door to door to distribute HCQ … these countries have been successful in limiting the mortality from COVID-19 to only a fraction of what it is in wealthier countries.”

Ivermectin (IVM): Nobel Prize for Effective Treatment of Human Parasites

On page 37, Kennedy covers the remarkable success of IVM: “By the summer of 2020, front-line physicians had discovered another COVID remedy that equaled HCQ in its staggering, life-saving efficacy. Five years earlier, two Merck scientists won the Nobel Prize for developing IVM, a drug with unprecedented firepower against a wide range of human parasites, including roundworm, hookworm, river blindness, and lymphatic filariasis. That salute was the Nobel Committee’s only award to an infectious disease medication in 60 years. FDA approved IVM as safe and effective for human use in 1996. WHO includes IVM (along with HCQ) on its inventory of “essential medicines” … Millions of people have consumed billions of IVM doses as an anti-parasitic, with minimal side effects”

On page 38, the effectiveness of IVM in preventing COVID-19 is covered: “In Argentina, for example, in the summer of 2020, Dr. Hector Carvallo conducted a randomized placebo-controlled trial of IVM as a preventive, finding 100 percent efficacy against COVID-19. Carvallo’s team found no infections in 788 workers who took weekly IVM prophylaxis, whereas 58 percent of the 407 controls had become ill with COVID-19.”

As the U.S. Restricts IVM, Other Countries Are Increasing Its Use

On pages 42 and 43, the contrast in the use of IVM in other countries compared to the U.S. is presented: “Today, as Dr. Fauci moves the U.S. to eliminate all use of IVM, other countries are using more of it. In February 2021, the head of the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association held a press conference to call for adding IVM to its outpatient treatment protocol. Several Indian states had added IVM to their list of essential medications to treat COVID-19. Indonesia’s government not only authorized the use of the drug but also created a website showing real-time availability … El Salvador distributes IVM for free to all of its citizens. Nations where residents have easy access to IVM invariably see immediate and dramatic declines in COVID deaths. Hospitals in Indonesia started using IVM on July 22, 2021. By the first week of August, cases and deaths were plummeting … New Delhi, India was experiencing a COVID epidemic crisis. The state government obliterated 97 percent of Delhi cases by distributing IVM.

British Physician Dr. Tess Lawrie’s Passionate Support For IVM

On pages 52 and 53, Dr. Lawrie began by endorsing the miraculous efficacy of IVM: “Had IVM been employed in 2020 when medical colleagues around the world first alerted the authorities to its efficacy, millions of lives could have been saved, and the pandemic with all its associated suffering and loss brought to a rapid and timely end … The story of IVM has highlighted that we are at a remarkable juncture in medical history. The tools that we use to heal our patients are being systematically undermined by relentless disinformation stemming from corporate greed. The story of IVM shows that we as a public have misplaced our trust in the authorities and have underestimated the extent to which money and power corrupts … Dr. Lawrie called out the corruption of modern medicine by Big Pharma and other interests and attributed the barbaric suppression of IVM to the single-minded obsession with more profitable vaccines.” 

IVM Works Great/Can’t Have That/Got to Do Something

Dr. Pierre Kory is the former Chief of the Critical Care Service and Medical Director of the Trauma and Life Support Center at the University of Wisconsin. On page 54, his testimony before the Senate and what happened next will shock you. “When Dr. Kory’s explosive December 8, 2020 Senate testimony describing the peer-reviewed science supporting IVM went viral, prescriptions for IVM from U.S. doctors exploded. Americans were getting legitimate prescriptions filled at pharmacies, up to 88,000 scripts in a single week. The truth of the drug’s benefits was going viral, and the last thing Dr. Fauci et al could tolerate was an effective treatment for COVID. Something needed to be done. The government moved aggressively to block its use … You Tube soon scrubbed Kory’s video and Facebook blocked him. Then in March 2021 the U.S. FDA, the European Medical Association (EMA), and the WHO issued statements advising against the use of IVM for COVID-19 … On July 18, 2021 a front-page Wall Street Journal headline asked, “Why is the FDA Attacking a Safe, Effective Drug?” On August 16, 2021, two weeks after the Wall Street Journal article, CDC ordered doctors to stop prescribing IVM. (Is it clear yet?)

Remdesivir: Ineffective and Deadly

On pages 63-70: “Anthony Fauci needed to use all his moxie and all his esoteric maneuvers mastered during his half-century at NIH, to win FDA’s approval for his vanity drug, Remdesivir. Remdesivir has no clinical efficacy against COVID-19 according to every legitimate study. Worse, it is deadly poisonous and expensive, an expensive poison at $3,000 per treatment … Many doctors believe our country’s record COVID-19 fatalities are at least in part due to widespread use of remdesivir in 2020. We had the most deaths worldwide says Dr. Ryan Cole. It is a haunting question: How many of these Americans were remdesivir casualties? Dr. Peter McCullough gives us a stark and clear summary: Remdesivir has two problems. First, it doesn’t work. Second, it is toxic and its kills people.”

VAERS is Intentionally Flawed

VAERS stands for Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. On page 72 and 73: “Dr. Fauci stubbornly refused to fix VAERS which systematically suppresses reporting of most vaccine injuries … A 2010 HHS study concluded that VAERS detects fewer that 1 percent of vaccine injuries. Put another way, VAERS misses OVER 99 percent of vaccine injuries, thereby lending the illusion of safety to even the deadliest inoculations. In 2010, the federal Agency for Health Care Research Quality (AHRQ) designed and field-tested a state-of-the-art machine-counting system as an efficient alternative to VAERS. By testing the system for several years on the Harvard Pilgrim HMO, AHRQ proved that it could capture most vaccine injuries. AHRQ initially planned to roll out the system to all remaining HMOs, but after seeing the AHRQ’s frightening results- vaccines were causing serious injuries in 1 of every 40 recipients- CDC killed the project and stowed the new system on a dusty shelf.” (Which entities benefit from drastic undercounting of vaccine injuries and deaths?)

COVID Vaccines Cause Record Injuries and Deaths

On page 87 and 88: “Despite CDC’s efforts to hide the carnage in the U.S., even the dysfunctional VAERS system has recorded unprecedented waves of documented deaths following COVID vaccines … Health workers have administered many billions of vaccines during the past thirty-two years, yet in just eight months, the COVID vaccines have injured and killed far more Americans than all other vaccines combined over three decades.” (Read this paragraph again and try to take in this shocking truth.)

This article presents only a tiny fraction of the enormously important information in the first 100 pages of Kennedy’s book. Stay tuned for the nuggets in the next 100 pages soon.

About the author: Dr. William H. Gaunt is a retired Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. He is a graduate of the University of South Florida in Tampa. He was a U. S. Navy helicopter pilot and later an instructor pilot for the Iranian Navy and the Saudi Arabian Air Force before attending medical school at Bastyr University near Seattle, Washington. Dr. Gaunt graduated with honors in 1983. He has also taught chemistry, biology, and anatomy at high school and college levels and published several articles related to vaccines.       

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By Dr. William H. Gaunt NMD

Dr. William H. Gaunt is a retired Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. He is a graduate of the University of South Florida in Tampa. He was a U. S. Navy helicopter pilot and later an instructor pilot for the Iranian Navy and the Saudi Arabian Air Force before attending medical school at Bastyr University near Seattle, Washington. Dr. Gaunt graduated with honors in 1983. He has also taught chemistry, biology, and anatomy at high school and college levels and published several articles related to vaccines. Dr. Gaunt and his wife have five unvaccinated children including a girl adopted from China.

(Source: ageofautism.com; January 15, 2022; https://bit.ly/3I7VOYx)
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