YouTube removes interview after RFK Jr. claims that the CIA killed his father; watch here

In a recent controversial move, the video-sharing platform, YouTube, removed an interview on Monday between Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and former professional boxer Mike Tyson.

The video, previously available on Tyson’s podcast channel, saw RFK Jr. openly discuss his belief that the CIA was involved in his father’s death.

The episode was part of Tyson’s ongoing series, where Kennedy’s comments during the interview were particularly emotional, as he reiterated his belief that the CIA played a role in the assassination of his father, former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.

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The episode was taken down, sparking speculation about the reasons behind the decision, however, this isn’t the first time he made such accusations.

Last month during an interview on the Cats Roundtable radio program, RFK Jr. went as far to say evidence was “overwhelming” and “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the CIA played a role in his uncle’s murder.

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