What the Daily Mail doesn’t want anyone to see about Pfizer

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'Why don't we just mutate it ourselves?': 'Director of research at Pfizer' reveals in undercover footage firm is exploring manipulating COVID to make it 'more potent' by infecting monkeys to create new vaccines

  • New undercover footage shows alleged Pfizer executive Jordon Trishton Walker revealing that they plan to mutate COVID in order to create more vaccines
  • He explains the company would mutate the virus would by infecting monkeys
  • DailyMail.com has reached out to Pfizer for comment 

By Andrea Cavallier For Dailymail.Com

An alleged Pfizer executive has revealed the company is exploring a way to mutate COVID in order to create more vaccines, new undercover footage claims. 

Project Veritas released a new video on Wednesday that shows a man the activist group claims is Jordon Trishton Walker, a Pfizer Director of Research and Development. 

Walker, whose LinkedIn page appears to have been deleted, begs the journalist not to tell anyone and then shares that the way they would mutate the virus would be by infecting monkeys. 

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(Source: archive.is; January 26, 2023; https://tinyurl.com/2q4eujz7)
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