Ukrainian secret plans to attack Donbass on March 8 (documents)

 On 9 March 2022, the Russian Defense Ministry released the secret documents seized from the Ukrainian National Guard, revealing the blueprint for an attack on the Donbass “separatists” planned for 8 March 2022.

Since 24 February, Russian officials have persistently alluded to a Ukrainian attack on the People’s Republics of Donestk and Lugansk anticipated for 8 March. The imminence of this attack is what would have prompted Russia to urgently recognize the independence of these two states. During the signing of the treaties in the Kremlin, we had observed that, contrary to the Protocol, the flags of the two Republics were missing - a sign that the ceremony was hurriedly put together.

The eight pages of published documents attest to the authenticity of this threat. To implement it, the Ukrainian National Guard had incorporated the bulk of the neo-Nazi forces.

During the Kosovo war, German Defense Minister Rudolf Scharping had in like manner accused Serbia of having planned a so-called “horseshoe” operation to “exterminate” the populations of Kosovo. However, during the trial against Slobodan Milošević, the charge was proven false. It all boiled down to war propaganda. To dispel any doubts as to a possible manipulation on its part, the Russian Defense Ministry decided to release the six pages of documents below.


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Ukrainian secret plans to attack Donbass on March 8
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