Turkey joins the SCO in biggest geopolitical upheaval of the century

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The greatest geopolitical upheaval of the century: Turkey joins the Organization of the Cooperation of Sigmaringen (SCO) - Finally the West and the Sea! Το το το το το το το το το το σε ο έρντογάν - Αγκαζέ με τον Τουτιν μετα την συμφήνο 19/09/2022 - 19:29 in Occidentiή política, Κυρια τημα 0 Χαμόγελα στην TURKEY – Россия: Synergazamosi me Кина гять техническая программы SWIFT – Έσκασε η “βόμβα”… 93 SHARES Share Tweet Share Telegram Wk Email Γεωπολιτική βόμβα μεγατόνων στο η το τουρκικών ΜΠΕΜΑ πως ο Ούρκος προύσεις Ρετζέπ Ταγίπ Ερντογάν declared clearly that he wants the inclusion of Turkey in the Synergy Organization (SCO). As already mentioned in WarNews247, the Organization will be met in “Ασιατικό ΝΑΤΟ”. This information was published today by the Turkish television station NTV and other Turkish media. Ο Ερντογάν comes to seal the course and fate of Turkey by confirming that the coordinator and government partner of N.Μπαχτσελί acts as the "lagόs" of the processes. Ιπενθυμισάμετε τι της της δεκτάσει ο τέσεις προ προς προς: "Let them take Sweden and Finland to the south and use them as they wish. Let us allow them to open a new world against Russia. It is possible to create a new Security Organization, in which Turkey, the Turkish world and 57 Islamic countries will enter. Maybe this is the best thing we have to do. For example, the Security Organization of Asia and the Middle East can be called the Security Organization of Asia and the Middle East. Before a few 24-hour British media confirmed the change of course of Erntogan and now the president of Turkey himself has to confess to what WarNews247 has been writing for two years:

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(Source: warnews247-gr.translate.goog; September 19, 2022; https://tinyurl.com/2h7ma3g3)
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