The Wellcome Five - and the origin of covid control

As draconian Covid-19 control structures rise up around us, Johnny Vedmore investigates a very small group of close friends linked to a powerful philanthropic organisation, The Wellcome Trust, who are responsible for some of the most defining events of the Covid-19 era. In this article we will look into the “proximal origin” of the Wellcome Five: Jeremy Farrar, Richard Sykes, Roy Anderson, Edward Holmes, and Neil Ferguson, and their band of scientific mercenaries.

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There is a small group of elite British scientists who have been busy manipulating the Covid-19 crisis to benefit a hidden agenda. These core players at the centre of creating authoritarian control structures under the guise of Covid response have major connections to the Wellcome Trust, an ostensibly “philanthropic” endeavour known for funding medical research. These individual’s efforts began long before the Covid era and even include first engineering the creation of the modern day Wellcome Trust as a by-product of the birth of the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline. This team of men are responsible for key components of global Covid-19 response, the infamous proximal origin paper, the implementation of the entire UK vaccine roll-out and so much more. Yet, barely anyone knows a single name of “the Wellcome Five.”

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By Johnny Vedmore

Johnny Vedmore is a completely independent investigative journalist and musician from Cardiff, Wales. His work aims to expose the powerful people who are overlooked by other journalists and bring new information to his readers. If you require help, or have a tip for Johnny, then get in touch via or by reaching out to [email protected]

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