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Pleiades - Angel of Death | Randall Carlson - Halloween Livestream Clip

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The Pleaides may be a beautiful star cluster today, but ancient peoples all around the world were fearful of the Pleiades, especially in November. In this clip, Randall looks at the various myths and legends regarding the Pleiades and their apparent link to world-wide devastation.

Our planet travels through the Taurid meteor stream twice per year (late June and late October / early November) The radiant point of the Taurids is located near the Pleaides. In other words, the meteors appear to emanate out of the Pleiades.

The Taurid meteor stream is actually the remnants of Comet Encke, which entered our solar system roughly 30,000 years ago. Encke was massive, and as it entered the inner solar system it began to fragment. These fragments created a "donut" of debris. As our planet flies through this debris twice per year, we see a meteor shower.

If we put all these pieces together, the ancient stories of the Pleiades begin to make sense. Our ancestors saw meteors falling to earth in late October, all appearing to come from the Pleiades. Some of these impacts were quite large, causing widespread wildfires and devastation. It's possible the worst event happened roughly 12,800 years ago, marking the beginning of the Younger Dryas...

After surviving the horrific trauma of the Younger Dryas, our ancestors started a few traditions to preserve the memory of those who died. We still see remnants of these traditions in our modern Halloween and All Souls Day. -PZ


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