The German government has declared a complete stopping «Defender Europe 20»

According to the official Bundestag representative, the the U.S.-led multinational Exercise «Defender Europe 20» has been cancelled.

At the meeting of the Defense Committee, Inspector General Zorn and Bernd Schütt, Head of the Strategy and Deployment Department at the Federal Ministry of Defense commented on the manoeuvre:

«All the exercises in Poland, Lithuania and Germany have been cancelled. The US soldiers and the equipment currently in Poland are to be transferred back to Germany «at some point». The US personnel and equipment currently in Germany are to be transferred back by the summer, if Corona allows it.»

Thus, the German government has now finally clarified that this senseless and dangerous manoeuvre has been stopped.

It is reported on the site of the member of the German politician, member of the of the defense committee at Bundestag, Alexander Neu.

Alexander Neu highlights the importance of the ending of this senseless and dangerous manoeuvre. Also he rejects future manoeuvres, whatever they are called and by whomever they are carried out.

Unfortunately, in fact the «Defender Europe 20» is going on. There are a lot of proofs of it in the media.

Two days ago 150 american personell arrived in Poland from the USA in support of «Defender Europe 20».

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By Edgars Palladis
(Source:; March 28, 2020;
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