The apparent peculiar effects of the Covid-19 virus on our nutrient levels

The recent world epidemic with the coronavirus (COVID-19) is only nine months old. In past decades humanity has seen epidemics come and go. Many experts have theorized that this new virus is behaving similar to the common cold virus, but is much more contagious and virulent. Although the introduction of antibiotics in the middle of last century did wonders in alleviating millions from the ravishes of bacterial infections, viruses have been much more evasive, and to this day science has not discovered an effective treatment model for eradicating viral infections (including the common flu). There is hope in vaccines, since no drug therapy has been initialized to counterbalance the success of antibiotic therapy, but creating a “miracle vaccine” in such a short period of time is suspect.

I have repeatedly mentioned in my last 4 on-line articles that a strong immune system is a logical and appropriate answer for many diseases. A healthy lifestyle coupled with optimal nutrition along with micronutrient support is historically considered a most effective way to limit infections including COVID-19.

This fact is fundamental considering that the factors hat result in mild verses severe COVID-19 infection has not been fully elucidated. In fact, as I see in my natural medicine practice, many viral infections ca be accompanied by a bacterial co-infection, especially H. pylori.

H. pylori infection is very widespread and likely includes more than half the world’s population. It can best be identified in the human gut (small & large intestines and colon)- the main components of our immune system. It is not generally detected by usual bacterial culture methods. Although a common occupant of the human gastrointestinal tract, it is not harmful or deleterious unless it manifests to high levels. Very high levels are mainly associated with gastric ‘ulcers.’

However, there are some peculiar overlaps in the effects of H. pylori infection and those of COVID-19 that it raises curiosity about possible connections. A partial list of these less severe symptoms includes: cough (a considerable public disease marker), fever (associated with more than 50% of asymptomatic COVID-19 cases); headache (H. pylori as always been associated with headache); sore throat (H-pylori has been sited as a cause of chronic pharyngitis), and diarrhea (a common effect t of immunodeficiency).

My research has found that a leading therapy for eradication of H. pylori levels is not antibiotic therapy, but the lowering of lactic acid in the gut! High lactic/uric acid in the gut is a premium environment for the excessive growth and vitality of all microorganisms (i.e., bacteria, viruses, molds and parasites). This therapy is much more utilized in Europe than in the U.S. and is mainly treated with biological homeopathy.

Effects on Micronutrients

The negative effect on micronutrients (i.e., vitamins, minerals, amino acids) that the COVID-19 virus appears to have as the pandemic progresses is also coming into a clearer light. The growing list of highly credible physicians and researchers that recommend nutritional supplementation is rigorous, despite the medical community, Big PHARMA or the FDA stating that these interventions are anecdotal. These are the most vital micronutrient protocols that are proposed for the COVID-9 pandemic:

Vitamin C- It is well documented that Vitamin C extensively strengthens the immune system in fighting infections and other degenerative diseases successfully. Vitamin C can support patients against antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal drug-resistant infections. The fact that the COVID virus attacks the lungs- vitamin C becomes a more important treatment because of its well-known protective effects on lung tissue. The only caveat theta I would add to rational Vitamin C therapy is to supplement with an ascorbate form of Vitamin C (not simple ascorbic acid), supported with strong co-factors such as OPC, resveratrol and grape seed extract. Since Vitamin C has short-lived biological activity high doses are not necessary. These cofactors can boost the activity by a 10-fold measure.

Vitamin D- Thirty years ago a scientist theorized that ‘seasonal stimulus’ linked to the sun’s solar radiation could explain the remarkable seasonality of epidemic influenza. Solar radiation activated Vitamin D o]production in the skin that has profound effects on human immunity. Recent review has reported that Vitamin D supplementation reduced the risk of acute respiratory viral-or-bacterial respiratory infection (keenly associated with the COVID-19 epidemic). It has also been revealed (data from 20 European countries) that in many virulent COVID-19 cases Vitamin D levels were critically low.

Magnesium- Approximately 800 enzyme systems require magnesium for their optimal functioning. It has been well documented that magnesium is inherently deficient in the American population, with reports reaching 80% in some groups. I recommend magnesium supplementation to at least 90% of all my patients. The potential role of magnesium in the activation and development of the immune system is profound. Magnesium is a cofactor in most immune responses, especially in the midst of the viral epidemic.

Zinc- The importance of zinc on immune function has been well documented. Zinc deficiency in the general population has been linked to immune deficiency mainly affecting T-helper cells and decreasing natural killer (NK) cell activity. Zinc has been a stable of therapy for treating the common cold (Flu) symptoms, showing a significant reduction not only in the duration but also the severity of symptoms. Finally, a recent exemplary study argues that prophylactic effect that zinc may pose on COVID-19. Zinc’s direct anti-infectious properties will benefit against viral and respiratory tract cases.

I wrote this open letter article in hopes of bringing some light to the many dying and afflicted patients around the country and the world. As this global pandemic progresses- time is of the essence. We are facing a formidable vital epidemic, but don’t be convinced that it can or will be limited to vaccines and drug therapy. There is strong evidence that strengthening our immune system with micronutrient interventions. Logic dictates that a combination of both is better than either therapy separately.

Doses recommended: Vitamin C 1,000-2,000 mg daily (higher doses with an acute attack); Vitamin D3 800-5,000 iu per day; Magnesium 400-1,000 mg daily; Zinc 40-100 mg per day.

Dr. Dan Wagner is a well-known nutritional counselor and practitioner in both the Pittsburgh, PA and Crossville, TN area. You may contact him at: [email protected]


By Dr. Dan Wagner

Dr. Dan Wagner is an integrative practitioner and natural medicine pharmacist who has been practicing as a holistic medicine counselor since 1997.  He has done extensive research on plant medicines and botanical therapies in the rain forests of Central and South America and West Africa.  He also utilizes state-of-the-art 'frequency' medicine in his private practice near Pittsburgh, PA, USA.  His latest book is entitled "Interpreting Your Blood Work, How to Read it and Natural Ways to Improve Your Results."  

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